Saturday, September 24, 2011

swaps and such

if you are here from craftster please dont think im ignoring you or that ive flaked. im having issues with my phone again and havent been able to stay online very long. (this post has taken 5 tries) i will have a ride to th library on monday to be able to properly contact everyone i need too. i am so very sorry about this!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

i have a confession......

and an epiphany

so there is a monthly bday swap going on, and since my bday is th 13th i joined. and watch ppl get claimed left, right, and sideways. but not me. so i had a moment of 'poor me, no one likes me'. then i got over my pity party and decided since i like giving pressies as much as i like getting them, my bday pressie to myself is that im going to claim as many ppl as i can and not worry bout whether or not i get claimed at all. ive made my first claim already, got to do some shopping and get it in th mail by th 19th.

elephant shoes!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

kinda updating....kinda updating....

so i kno i promised a list of movies watched and items created, but my schedule has been so wonky it wasnt lining up properly. plus everything im making right now is for swaps and i dont want to ruin th suprise for my partners. so ive watched lots of movies (and discovered Dexter on dvd!) and gotten quite a few projects done. 8 of th 13 for one swap, and 4 on th other swap. plus a few things for me too, and ive tried a few new techniques, some that worked, some that had to be tweaked :-D

so im busy creating! once th swaps are finished i will be able to update my 365 in 2011 list, its gonna make a huge jump!

elephant shoes!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

kinda catch up

oh goodness its been a minute since my last post huh?

got Tedibear off to her training, finally! and shes a natural according to her trainer! im so proud of her!! and there is even talk of letting her out of training early, cause shes that damn good!!! :-D thats rite, my baby is th shit!!

me, im creating away for my swap partners and watchen movies and tv shows. ive completely fallen in love with weeds and dexter! omg they are both great shows!!

ive started keeping track of what i watch and what i make while watching, will start posting that later today or tomorow

til then, elephant shoes!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

i was dreaming and woke up right before th climax, dont u hate when that happens??

so i was at a convention center type building, or maybe more like a large craft mall cause it had lots of different areas set up. i had wondered in and th guy in charge said he was closing up but if i hurried i could have anything i could carry out for free. so i had called Tedibear to meet me at th door and im crawling over furniture and on chairs and all kinds of crazy things, finding th coolest stuff. and i get it all piled into various boxes and bags and balanced just right to walk out th door and boom im awake. it was so weird!! here is th list of stuffs i found

-really cool fake arms to use as coat hangers, 1 that was human claw like and 1 that was bird like
-scrabble (with extra tiles), skip-bo, and an old monopoly
-matrastroka doll cookie jar done in just blk/white
-big drink pitchers
-a butt-ton of costume jewelry
-a few pretty bags
-lots of interesting glass ware
-cool vintage spooky halloween stuffs

i kno why a most things are on that list, cause i have been lusting after them for some time. hopefully this dream comes true soon!!!

gonna try and get back to sleep......

elephant shoes!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

happy happy joy joy

new swap time again!! :-D this one is a countdown to halloween. so we make our partner 13 things (or buy, but most have to be made) for halloween. [giddy giggle] my partner and i have alot in common so its great that my widdle head is spinning with ideas! ive already started on a few things, and i was telling Tedibear bout some other ideas and shes making me make extras of some of them so we get to keep some! lol! im not complaining cause that means shes gonna let me have more monies to spend! bwahahahaha! more halloween stuffs in th house? yes please!!

of course i have to keep reminding myself that we are only supposed to make a small item for each day, thats like under $10 or 1 hr crafting time. but like i told my partner, it takes me less than an hr to make a skirt (which is considered a large item) so its ok that im spoiling her!! lol!!

this is th mini one, next yr i wanna go for th big one. that one you make 91 things (13 for th 1st day, 12 th 2nd etc)!!!!!!! i could have so much fun with that!!!!

so whats your fav part of halloween? got any crafts for me to try? feel free to leave a comment with any and all suggestions!!!! esp if they are on the dark and sinister side!! ;-P

elephant shoes!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

wow, sorry if that makes me sound greedy, im really not!! promise! ask tedibear, i will put something for me in th basket, and then find something i would like to get her, so i take mine out. if she sees me do this she will normally go behind me and try and put it back in th basket, so then we argue bout how i never let her buy me things, which is totally not true!! look back over my posts, how often do i mention how spoilt i am?? yeah. exactly! she gets me stuff ALL TH TIME!!

anyway, th point of this post is what can i offer my partners in wxchange for the detailed list i provided.......
i can.....
loom knit (cant 2 needle knit to save my life!! )
make jewellery
play with polymer clay
make/decorate hats- both full size and minis
im getting much better at embroidery! i may even add a new stitch soon!
plus i dabble, i love trying new things. i dont always like it and may now try it again, but i try it at least once a day!!

and im totally open to private swaps! so drop me a line if your interested.

you kno th drill, more added as i think bout it,

elephant shoes!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

swap info part tres

wishlist -
yarn yarn and more yarn - you can never have enough!! i would love some hand spun yarn, esp some wool that i can use to make dryer balls!, cotton is great, as is acrylic
charm bracelets
hooplas - based on any of my fav's, im planning on doing some with naughty words, quotes from my fav movies and tv shows are always a good bet too
hoopla supplies - hoops (both wooden and plastic, all sizes), floss (can you believe i only have red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, white and glow in th dark??)
starter/info kits for - spinning yarn (this is th one i want most right now! im heavy in research/saving for all th equipment mode right now) - resin jewellery - making lipbalm - poppets - weaving
fabric (at least 4 yds of knits so i can get 2 items out of it, or 1 yd pieces so i can make socks. but 4 or 6 in squares for my rainbow patchwork projects are prob easier, but larger scraps are awesome as well, esp chiffon or lace or velvet that can be used on hats)
notions - for sewing. like thread, elastic, any cool tools, buttons, patterns (plus sized if for clothing)
, insulbrite for potholders
hats (i currently have 10 fedoras, 1 st patties themed cowboy hat, 2 newsboys and 3 mini top hats...... so far), i'd love to add bowlers and witch hats and more minis/facinators (any style, with th aligator clips not elastic since ive got th hawk) to my collection
whimsey jars (so much fun going thru them! and then adding stuffs to my hats or other projects)
poppets (i really want a fairy and a cornish pixie or 2 [or 3] and then im gonna keep them in a birdcage!! lol)
sugar skulls - anything day of the dead really
scrabble tiles and dominos
purse/bag/tote - i'd love a weekender type bag (esp in an elephant print), or a messenger bag with lots of pockets
so im limited to 1837 characters on my phone, so this will be multiple posts til i can get to th library and/or get internet at th house.....

im engaged to th most awesome woman (wedding date to be determined by when rx stops being stupid. we arent holding our breath). we live in the west dfw area with our 2 furbabies, one a chihuahua/rat terrier (small), the other a mutt (large),who are completely and utterly spoiled! so am i for that matter! yes sir-ree bob i am one lucky spoiled princess! its ok to be jealous, im used to it ;-P so i try to take just as good care of my Tedibear as she does of me! i do have 2 (well 3 now) kids, Th Boy and his wife Th DIL (who are giving me my first granbaby in oct/nov!!!), and Th Child who lives with his grandparents. then there is our extended chosen family of many great friends that we miss horribly when they arent around.

fav movies - auntie mame, tank girl, gone with the wind, drop dead fred, princess bride, labrynith, willow, spirited away, harry potter series, anything kevin smith, horror (even cheesy b-movies), serial killer plots, shrek series, ice age series, the quiet man (my poppa looked like john wayne!), house of yes, may, shaun of the dead, i hope they serve beer in hell, but im a cheerleader, slap her she's french, imagine me & you, better than chocolate, anything mel brooks, burlesque, meat market, cry baby,
ok so ive been bitten by th swap bug! and i notice a few ppl that also have blogs gave set aside a post to give their partners more info, so im gonna do th same!

i'll start with an intro, Hi, im th princess, th bitch no one likes. im rude crude and socially unacceptable. i cuss, i smoke, i drink and i have been known to make sailors blush. i am a bad influence and im th person your mother forgot to warn you about!

teehee, that pretty much is me. if auntie mame, tank girl, scarlet ohara and drop dead fred had a love child.... it would be me. im an interesting mix of opposites and freaky rolled into one. its almost impossible to offend me, and i have yet to see a horror film that scares me.

themes i like - vampire, pink, goth, rainbows, zombies, butterflies, ELEPHANTS, sewing, crocheting, perky goth, lgbt pride, hats, movies, dia de los muertos, halloween (macbre meets cute with glitter!), skulls, pirate, geeky, nerdy, steampunky, horror movies, tedibears, tattoos, piercings, historical fashions, dogs, chutulu (wutever i always spell it wrong! lol), pagan (im rebuilding my tools and library that was stolen), Gorey (th artist), gory (like blood and guts everywhere! ;-P), food/baking (i enjoy cooking, but its a secret so dont tell!),

fave colors - glitter, rainbow (roygbp), pink, black, grey, silver, glow in th dark.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

thats right! my Tedibear has been in training since th 5th to get her cdl and yesterday she passed her driving test!! th next step is she goes for otj training for 4-6 weeks, and then she does team driving for 6 mths after that. then hopefully she can get a regional gig so shes home more. im of mixed feelings bout her being gone for so long..... yeah im a hermit but i do kinda like having her around ya kno? :-P

and i kno its gonna be hard on her.

but i am so very proud of my baby!! she found something she likes to make a career out of! and shes continuing to spoil me by not making or expecting me ro go to work outside th house. although i might look for something part time just to have a little human interaction. maybe ;-P

elephant shoes!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

request for items.......

so, im gonna have lots of extra time on my hands while Tedibear is training and then otr, so ive been trying to figure out things i can do. i cant afford to donate to charities or th community right now, but i can make things that can then be raffled or auctioned off!! so im asking for donations of raw materials cause im sure some of yall are in th same boat (you cant give monies but you have stuff laying around th house that you could get rid of). these things will be made into new things and auctioned or raffled off locally and then 100% of what is raised will be donated to various charities!!! everyone that donates will receive (either mailed or emailed) a pic of what their donation made, how much it raised and where th monies went.

so th items im looking for are...
~ beer bottle caps - th twist off kind please
~ vhs tapes - i know u have some in a box somewhere!
~ tshirts - preferably with 'Pride' sayings or slogans on them, but any tshirt will be put to use!
~ yarn - this will be made into scarves and hats and donated to th homeless shelters here locally. also need wool felting yarn or wool sweaters.
~ old sheets - any size or fabric type, prints or solids.

if you can donate any of these things please leave a comment with an email addy and i will get in touch!

thanks in advance for your donations!!

elephant shoes!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

so, last count was 349. then i posted a few more things bringing it to 359. and ive got a bunch to add now

- 4 things for my swap partner, one she knos about is a skirt, th rest are secrets :-)
- 5 pair of pants, 2 were supposed to be tests but i kinda like them so they are getting added to th wardrobe. and i finished th patchwork pants!! wore them out and got TONS of compliments!!
- 5 more hoop pieces, im quickly becoming addicted!! now just gotta get another commission so i can get some more hoops!
- 40 bottlecap thingies, i did th opening song for The L Word in bottle caps, now have to figure out how im gonna mount it.
- 1 new hat, this one is a mini top hat that i discoball-ified, gorgeous blue rhinestones this time.
- 1 test of a shirt pattern, gonna have to tweak it just a bit but ive got 5 pieces of fabric (some i have had for almost 10 yes!!!) just waiting to get cut and sewn!!

and that brings th grand total to.......... 395!!!!! woohoo!! ive passed my goal!! i honestly wasnt sure when i started that i would make it (although th bottlecaps and my mini discoballs helped alot!!) and trust im not stopping now! th next goal is 700. and with th to-do list i have, plus th fact that Tedibear is bout to be gone alot, that goal will be passed in no time!!

elephant shoes!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

im so mad at myself!!!im so mad at myself!!!

so i had joined a swap right? th mail date was th 2nd, at first i was afraid that i was gonna be late cause rents due and i didnt have extra to mail it, but then i worked things out so i could.

and then i didnt make it to th po on time!!! damnit!

and, as if things couldnt be worse, its the holiday weedend so i wont be able to mail til tuesday, and i cant remember my crafster password and cant seem to change it on my phone so i cant even log in to let my partner and the coordinator know what happened. so im going to get bad feedback on my very first swap! im so mad at myself it isnt funny!!

hopefully they will check here and see whats going on. i wont be able to get to a real computer til tuesday either. but i SWEAR it is going out on tuesday! please forgive me!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

big suprise huh?? lol its just easier to deal with if i get it off my chest. and this way it doesnt start any fights.

2 things have happened this week that bring this up, one made me laugh and gave me th perfect chance to be my snobbish, snarky(i love that word), insulting self, and one makes me want to cry and then commit murder. seriously.

so heres my thoughts on this. family. you start with th one you're born into, but as you grow and develop your own ideas and personality you realize that sometimes th only thing you have in common with those ppl is dna. so some ppl evolve and figure out how to say 'i love my (blood)family but thats not th best enviroment for me anymore'. and they go on to form a new family, either by entering a commited relationship, or by surrounding themselves with likeminded ppl(a chosen family) and both of those options are ok. th problem comes when th blood family cant handle this idea and still expects unswerving loyality. how unrealistic is that?? once you are married your loyality transfers to your spouse and progeny before parents and siblings..... to a certain extent, if your spouse is demanding you cut all ties with your blood family (when you had a very close bond) and is extremely disrespectful to your parents/siblings then something is VERY WRONG and you need to take a step back and ask yourself some very hard questions.

oh and if you are married to someone that has slept with BOTH of your siblings, and your uncle is now your stepdaddy... you got no right in th world trying to talk shit bout someone that has been with th same partner almost 10 yrs! go away little troll and take your skank troll whores with you, no one is impressed no scared by you!!!

elephant shoes!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

blog whoring.......

i saw this mentioned on another blog and it made me giggle. im kinda a blog whore in that i will follow anyone that makes me giggle, either through gfc or rss (im suprised my phone hasnt melted from how many r in my rss!! lol) BUT.................

i dont leave comments. there i said it. i am th follower most bloggers hate cause i dont kiss up on every post i read. and im not really sorry and that wont change ever. i dont want to be a sycopant (im sure thats misspelled, sorry) that has nothing better to say than 'lol' or 'i agree'. if i leave a comment its cause that post touched me and i want to let the writer kno it (or its for a giveaway ;-P)

so these bloggers that beg or even demand that you leave comments, or even worse the ones that demand you follow them (just to stroke their ego so they can brag about how many followers they have) really turn me off. and if the requests for comments gets to be too much i have been known to unfollow them. oh and if you threaten to shut down your blog cause no one comments then not only will i unfollow u, i will make fun of u on my blog (without using names of course, im not a complete bitch), and i will laugh even harder when you set ur blog to 'invite only'. whiner!

whew, so anyway, i guess what im trying to say is get over urselves! its a blog for crying out loud! i have 2 followers, and im ok with that! even when i did a giveaway i didnt demand anyone follow me, just put a comment. i can see th pageview stats so i kno someone out there is reading my drivel (and its not just Tedibear :-P) and thats all i need.

off my soapbox now.

elephant shoes!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

crazy bus day

so first on th bus today we had the lady that was talking (i guess to herself cause no one around her was paying attention to her) about how evil th goverment was and 'they'were out to get her. 'they' attacked her cat, costing her '$1300 to put it back together'. and its 'too late for her but she just got a $20,000(?!?) tax refund that she is going to use to help protect others from our evil goverment'

then there was th older gentleman that was hitting on every female he saw. he was cute but harmless ;-P

and then there was th crazy cat lady. would tell anyone that looked at her how many cats she has (4), and that they had to have litter today (thats th only reason she went out today!)

hope u enjoyed my day on th bus!!

elephant shoes!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

peeving me off

slight pet peeves today

blog wise
- bloggers that demand you follow them and comment or else they have hissy fits and threaten to close down their blog....... really? put on your big girl panties and deal with it. some ppl just dont like leaving comments, esp when you beg for them in every post.

- joining every single link party you come accross and updating every post with said party link........ dont get me wrong, link parties are great, i just dont want to see the same post come up in my rss every day (sometimes multiple times a day) and the post gets longer and longer, i even saw one that the list of places she linked to was longer than th actual post!! come on. ive seen a few blogs that have a seperate page that they list the parties they regulary link too so that the actual post isnt taken over by party links, try that please.

everyday life
- girls that think 'skintight' means sexy, no matter what size they wear....... come on girls, once you are a certain size, skintight just doesnt work anymore, and that is a different size for everyone. form fitting will probably work alot better for you, i kno it will look better!

-ppl that cant match patterns........ just ask for help. please.

well i feel better getting that off my cheast........ ignore me, im just being bitchy today :-P

elephant shoes!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

ive been a busy little beaver

lately! in the last few days ive made 3 pr of pants (have th 4th cut out and will make tomorow), cut out a skirt, made 2 pr of socks, 2 shopping bags out of tank tops, finished th blackout curtain for th bedroom, and cut a bizillion 6in squares to make my patchwork pants. thats 6 projects, and9 things to add to th list of things ive done this yr. not sure what that takes th total to, i'll check later.

and i got a commission from my ad on craigslist!!! woohoo!!

elephant shoes!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

trying this out

ok, lets see if the works, here is a pic of my first attempt at embroidery

My first embroidery!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Harold Hoopla is mostly done!!

so after admiring th awesome hooplas on crafster i decided to pick up another craft to try my hand at. its not as amazing as some ive seen, but for my first attempt im pretty damn proud of it!!

i used an iron-on for th design, its all done in stem and backstitch. i need to get a hoop big enough for it, plus i need some black floss to finish it, but its mostly done :-D

i suck cause i cant copy and paste th photobucket url, im cant even get th url with th app i use for net access, but i have just put a pic on photobucket, my username there is rainbowsewist. as soon as i can get to a real computer i will post a link. im sorry i suck ;-P

elephant shoes!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

blah blah blah 5-31-11

none of these are complete enough, or long enough for their own post so im consolidating.......

today on th bus Tedibear was asked if we were sisters........ we looked at each other and both said 'hey mister, we're sisters' and cracked up. so of course ive had 'la vie bohem' stuck in my head since then. :-P

im being taken advantage of by a very dear friend and its putting a major strain on our relationship. im allowing it cause i really love this person and dont want them out of my life. unfortunately, everyday the mistreatment continues makes it easier for me to walk away.

im trying my hand at basic embroidery (yeah cause i need more craft stuff cluttering up th house and driving Tedibear crazy!!! lol) it looks cute so far.....

i still think i will like needlepunch more, but i need diff/better fabric

im thinking bout putting an ad on craigslist for piecework sewing, i gotta buy more craft supplies!! ;-P

im mega nervous that my swap partner will hate what im making her........

i think thats it for now, gonna try and turn in early-ish tonite, i iz a tizrd puppy!!

elephant shoes!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

5-25-11 update

ok last count was 256.......

- 2 plaid candle holders for a gift
- 85 grannys daughter squares!! (lots of time on th bus ;-P)
- 1 pair of 'spankie'-ish shorts to wear under skirts (took apart a pair that was dying to make th pattern, adapted it a smidge to have longer legs)
- 1 pair of pants based off another pair i had, that was a fail tho. used a woven instead of a knit and they were too small. luckily i can reuse th fab!!
- 2 tops cut out (need white thread for th serger before i can sew those up)
- 1 49square patchwork pillow, another gift

oh my goodness, that puts me at 349!!! i am almost there!!! so very close!!

elephant shoes!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

weird factiod

in 20 + years of sewing i have yet to sew through my finger, something that seems to happen more than you would think. BUT, i have impaled myself with th seam ripper more times than i can count!!!

weird i kno. but im admitting it here and now ;-P

elephant shoes!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

wisty goodness

oh. my. goodness. if im lost, im probably surfing the wist site!! i signed up cause i was considering doing swaps on crafster, and once we get internet at th house i am totally in trouble cause i will be overloading their servers with things i want to save!! as of right now i can only re-wist things other ppl have wisted. but it is a great way to keep track of things i love or want or want to try making! have i mentioned its awesome and i love it?? lol

ps, i did sign up for my first swap, bout to go contact my partner! im so nervous!! but excited too! i hope im not too weird for her!!

elephant shoes!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

th things you see on th bus.......

can get interesting! like yesterday, there were homeless people (who were dressed better and had better phones than me) talking bout how they only 'work' a few hours a day so they have beer money. or the lady that went off on th bus driver for being rude to her because he didnt change th bus sign fast enough to suit her (i had to say something there because he was actually very polite to her and she was saying she was going to get him fired). or th girl that talked NON STOP for 45 mins straight!!

things like that are why i normally carry a book or an easy to transport craft with me so i dont get drawn into conversations. but you cant help overhearing things! oh like th fact that there was a quadruple homicide in our neighborhood!! yeah i kno right? scary stuff!!

anyway, im off again today, wonder what i'll see/hear this time!

elephant shoes!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

and th winner is........


she won a set of fridge magnets for suggesting a theme. i'll get in touch with you soon hon. for those of you that didnt win, you can still purchase them. 75¢ each or 5 for $4, there are also theme packs for $10 and $20 that have 20 and 30 magnets each. let me kno what you are interested in.

elephant shoes!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

way past update time!!

oh goodness i could have sworn i updated before now!! last count was 123.......

-12 felted dryer balls
- 75 fridge magnets (i even gave some away!)
-15 grannys daughter squares (but i think im doing them wrong, gotta check on that)
- a small needlepunch sampler (got th wrong kind of fabric tho, gotta fix that soon)
-3 pieces for th start of my hoopla wall (they are iron on designs that i painted with fabric paint and rhinestones)
-25 pebble magnets
- 2 more decopauged candle holders

and a few more things prepped ;-P im really proud of myself, ive been a busy lil beaver!!! this brings my grand total to................256!!!!! i think i will probably way excede my goal for the year!! woohoo! go me!! lol

elephant shoes!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

i should probably.......

provide a way for yall to see my pics instead of just teasing huh? its photobucket, and my name there is rainbowsewist. thats also my twitter name if your interested......

and this is my 50th post!! woohoo!

elephant shoes!!

a giveaway of sorts

so i put this on my fb, so those of you that suggested stuff there dont have to comment here. but im looking for help here guys..... im asking for suggestions for words for fridge magnets. general themes work too, just no words over 8 letters. everyone that makes a suggestion will go into a drawing for a set of magnets! so suggest away and good luck!

Friday, April 29, 2011

having a bit part in my past does NOT entitle you to a part in my present or future!!

ugh, so someone from my past just found me on facebook. sent Tedibear and i both friend requests. Tedibear approved her cause she didnt kno who this girl was (we used to call her by a nickname). i waited till i could form a polite brush off letter. then she posts bout how ppl need to forgive and forget and let th past back into their lives, and i quit worrying bout being polite. i told her we didnt have anything in common back then and i doubted we did now so i didnt see any point in being friends now, even on fb. forgive and forget right? there wasnt anything to forgive (we were trying to date but then i met Tedibear) we just didnt work out, but i had deffinately forgotten her, i wished her th best but told her there wasnt room in my life for her.

she came back with this rambling piece of crap that made very little sense and made my head hurt. how we might not have anything in common but we might in th future and what was i afraid of, then she was whining bout it again on her status update.

one, i wanna kno how her girl, who shes 'so in love and finally complete' with feels bout her begging an ex-lay to be friends again.
and two - omg really?? grow up! we talked for like 3 weeks (3yrs ago!!) and i could barely stand you then, (esp after she started saying 'i love you' in th first week!!). im not afraid of anything, i just dont like you!!! i tried to say that nicely but she didnt get it so now i gotta be mean. contrary to popular opinion, i dont like being mean. i just have no prob doing it when confronted with stupidity. if ppl wouldnt be stupid i wouldnt be mean.

ugh!! anyway, rant over. back to crafting, and posting my first giveaway!! :-D

elephant shoes!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

i did it!! well kinda.....

so i figured out a way to show pics of th stuff im making!! i set up a photobucket account. so now i can send th pics there from my phone! :-D ive got a pic of my pink discoball fedora for now, will work on getting th rest of my stuff shot and uploaded tomorrow. woohoo im so proud of myself right now!! stay tuned for more updates!

elephant shoes!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

well that didnt work....

yeah i said i was gonna post everyday, and didnt. :-P i suck i kno. this is one of th reasons i dont do new years resolutions, i always have th best intentions (they make such great paving material!).... follow thru? not so much. actually thats not true, that should be timely follow thru, cause i do get things done, it just takes me a bit sometimes. procrastinators of th world unite!! ...... tomorrow! ;-P

ive been kinda productive this week tho, got th items from my last post done, prepped 50 new fridge magnets, tried my hand at granny daughter squares (fun for scraps, prob gonna try for a blankie out of these), got th supplies for a few more projects on my list, got to hang with th Mime and touch base with old friends. oh and got 2 orders for discoball hats!! woohoo!!

back to work

elephant shoes!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

crafty utopia ~ 365 in 2011 4/20

well i only got 30 mins to shop at hobby lobby on monday, but i actually managed to get most of th stuff i wanted!! it helped that Tedibear and th Mime went and got stuff off th list while i was getting some fabric cut! lol!!

so i was up to 106 things made....
- got 12 round bean bags mostly made, still have to hand sew 8 of them closed, but 4 are totally done!
- 2 mod pauged candle holders - layers of 1in tissue paper circles
- a crocheted washcloth for Tedibear and a handtowel sized one for me from leftover cotton yarn
- and started on th green rhinestone fedora, im counting it cause im almost done with it :-P

so that takes th grand total up to....... drum roll please.......... 123 things!!! woohoo!! go me!!

back to crafting!

elephant shoes!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

th actual list!! :-)

so heres th list i just put on craftster

- wool dryer balls, how i hadnt discovered these before is beyond me!! hopefully i can find th wool in a rainbow, and if my set works im totally making more for present day gifts!
- a cd mosaic disco ball! found th tute on spazztastic crafts i think. basically u cut up a bunch of cds and glue them to a styrofoam ball! Tedibear says i can only do one this month but if it works im so making more!!!
- discoballify more fedoras! green is next on th list, then i plan on making myself one a month til i run out of rhinestones!
- patchwork pants from th bag-o-scraps i got last month
- round beanbags for Th Boy. used a cd for th shape, and some bluebonnet fabric that was in th scrap bag, got thoes cut out tonite, gonna sew them up tomorrow.
- aquire some maternity and baby patterns. not for me, for th DIL!! yeppers imma gonna get a granbaby!!!
- find the fabric for a beanbag chair for Th Boy
-FINALLY finish th rainbow blankie for Tedibear
- scrappy fabric flowers, got some cut out just need to sew together

these werent on th craftster list but i want to try and fit them in
- more bottlecap fridge magnets
- bottlecap tealight candles, in rainbow as favors for friends at pride this year
- attempt resin jewelry, im at least gonna get th supplies during my shopping spree!
- at least get th bottles painted for my halloween display, ive got a ton of beer bottles that i saved from a party last month and Tedibear washed them all and removed th labels for me, yeah, im spoiled, im lucky i kno!!
- finish th piece for th yarnbombing i have planned

i think thats it for this month, now ive got to make my shopping list for next week!! i cant wait!!

elephant shoes!!

want to do's for april

so i joined craftster, and they have a 50 in 2011 craftalong going on, so i joined that to help keep me on track for my 365 in 2011 goal. i was kinda nervous jumping in cause most of them have been posting since th begining of th year, i kinda feel like th new kid in school, but they are a friendly group so im sure there is nothing to worry bout! i went thru th whole thread before i posted (over 3000 posts!!!) and i got LOTS of new ideas for things i wanna try!! and since im finally getting my settlement check from my wreck (that happened in 07!!!) i get to go shopping for new supplies next week!! Tedibear has been so cute, i asked if i could get somethings and she keeps saying 'its ur money hon, u can do whatever u want' (th wreck happened before we met), i think she still hasnt fully accepted that im an our money type of gurl, not a ur money and my money type. although i am totally getting a lil bit in ones for my allowance!!! lol! see, anytime we have cash, if there are any ones then i get them as my allowance that i can spend however i want no questions asked, but that way we also always have emergency gas monies if we run out before payday ;-P

and ive totally gone off on a few tagents so i will have to do another post with the actual list of things i want to do this month.... its next

elephant shoes!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

kinda 365 but not really......

not yet at least. we got th last disc of Lost season 3 today, so i prepped a few things but i didnt actually finish them so they dont count yet. ;-P

im also working on getting my wip and plan to do lists in order. ive been cruising thru craftsters boards and getting all kinds of new ideas!! got some good ones for some present day gifts! i cant wait!! but for tonight im going to try and get to bed early (3 instead of 5 like its been lately) but i wanted to check in here first, another one of the goals is to post every day, even when i have nothing important to say ;-)

nite nite

elephant shoes!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

so bummed!!

so i open opera mini (an app on my phone that has th rss feed) yesterday to catch up on my 60+ blogs i read. to find them all gone!!! it so totally sucks!! and of course i dont remember what all of them were called so its gonna take me a while to get them all back. but this time i think im gonna 'follow' everyone thru blogger as well so if this happens again i can find everyone!

elephant shoes!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

365 In 2011 ~ 4/10

last count was 104......

ive been sick so i havent done as much as i wanted to :-(

- i did my first attempt at quilting, kinda. its a pillow but i pieced the 2.5" squares together so im calling it quilting. i need to work on lining up th seams better, but for my first attempt im pretty darn proud of it!!
- i disco- balled a fedora!! ive been threatening to do this for a while and i finally did!! i used my pink rhinestones and pink sparklie fabric paint and im so fucken proud of it! cant wait til i feel better so i can wear it out! and i totally plan on making a few more! will even try my hand at selling them!!

so that only takes me to 104, ive gotta get busy if im gonna make this goal!!!

elephant shoes!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

i wish you would want better for yourself.......

it is always so hard to see a loved one in an abusive relationship. ive been there and kno how hard it is to get out of. i think thats why i have such a hard time when someone i love goes back into one after trying to get out of it. it brings back everything i went through. and i normally end up having to distance myself from my loved one because it hurts and makes me so angry knowing that they are being mistreated but they think that because they love the other person they have to give them another chance. i understand loving someone completely, but you have to love yourself first. and sometimes that measn saying 'i love you but you dont love me back in the way that i deserve so we cant be together' and thats hard, trust me i know how hard that is! but you deserve so much better!! there is someone out there that will love you back just as much as you love them! and they wont hit you, or constantly tell you you are worthless, or cheat on you and blame you for their cheating, or tell you your opinion doesnt matter and they are going to do whatever they want no matter how much it hurts you.

i love you, and i will always be here for you, i just wish you wanted better for yourself!

elephant shoes!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

365 in 2011 ~ 4/1

last count was 102.....

i didnt do much, just finished th skirt i talked bout, and made th matching top. its an awesome stretch lace i found at joanns back in october, black with metallic pale green splatters all over it. it was gorgeous and on sale for only $3/yd!! so Tedibear let me splurge and get 5 yds. then i had this lime green fabric that i had gotten at walmart when they were clearancing out th fabric dept, got a bolt of 20 yds for $5! for th skirt i used part of a pirate costume pattern, its a 1/4 circle, but i cut 3 on th fold, so its basically a 1 1/2 circle skirt. i layered th lace over th green then added a (new to me technique) yoga waist, this way i can adjust th length of th skirt as i want ;-). th top is just a chemise really, and i did it out of just th lace. i ran out of fabric for th sleeves so they are only half instead of full length gathered at th wrist, but thats ok, i kinda like them better that way.

so that brings th total to 104. i had plans to make pants out of th green but i seem to have come down with th walking death :-(

elephant shoes!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fabric Fondling

so we had to take Tedibear to dallas for training for a job lead, and it just happened to be behind one of my fav fabric outlets!! oh i was in fabric heaven!! i splurged and bought a HUGE bag of end cuts for only $7!! this bag was taller than i am!! i spent th last few days going thru it, it was so much fun! every piece was about a yard, a few were 1/2 yd, but there are so many!!! i see more than a few patchwork skirts and maybe pants in my future. plus a few outfits for th furbabies!! oh my, i feel th funk lifting, im looking forward to sewing again!!

elephant shoes!!

365 in 2011 ~ 3/26

last count was 90 things

- 12 more beanbags!
- started a skirt, not finished yet but its gonna be oh so pretty!! im not counting it yet cause its not done, i just wanted to brag bout it! ;-P

so th total so far is 102!!! im so proud of myself!! :-)

elephant shoes!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

no more fb haitus

so my little haitus is over, and with th exception of getting on once to add a biz contact i really did stay off fb for 10 days! :-)

we are settling into th new place, and loving every sec of being back in ft wth!! we hit th spring break parties at th club and my sis-in-law won th sexiest pool wear contest! and i let them talk me into wearing my swimwear to th club (gasp! no worries, i wore one of Tedibears shirts over so too much wasnt exposed!! lol). and we connected with a couple that we never thoight we would get along with cause of ex drama, but we do! and we had a blast hanging wit them!

now imma be an old lady and spend th rest of th day not doing much of anything!! ;-P

elephant shoes!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

so glad thats done!!

all moved in. have i mentioned how much i hate moving?? it sucks!! and not in th fun meet me in a hotel room in 15 mins kinda way!! UGH!! there were fights and tears and lots of sore muscles!

but we are done for now thankfully. i say we should just leave everything in boxes since we plan on moving in a yr anyway, but Tedibear says no. i think in some ways unpacking is worse. i mean yeah we have a big 2 bdrm, but we had a 3 bdrm trailer, so not everything fits! we will manage somehow tho im sure. maybe :-/

ive got to make th curtain for our room tho, th evil burning day star comes up WAY too early!! lol

elephant shoes!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

its moving day!!!!!

its finally here! and it couldnt come at a better time! th old landlord is getting stupid so it is deffinately time to be gone! more on that later, now im only focusing on th positive which is we will be out of here today!!


elephant shoes!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

giving up......

ha ha! had you for a min huh? no worries, im talking bout Lenten Season. now we all kno im not xtian, so i dont really observe Lent, but Th Boy and i are challenging each other. i feel (as is only natural as his mother ;-P) that he spends too much time on th playstation, so i (half)jokingly said he should give up th ps2 for lent. he came back with 'you should give up cigs or facebook or something else you need to live'! well since its not safe for others if i give up smoking (i kill a lot less ppl if i canntake a smoke break and calm down!! lol) i agreed to give up facebook. and since neither one of us are xtian or masochists we decided 10 days was a fair amount of time. so i turned off my txt notifications and hid my icon on my phone, and then took th controller for th ps2 at midnite last nite. so no more fb for me til next saturday at midnite. its ok tho, im pretty sure he will crack before i do!! lol!

elephant shoes!!

365 in 2011 ~ 3/10

so, last check in was 78 things made.... im dropping that to 77 for th moment cause i took apart one of th styrofoam balls to try a different project.

so 77 plus.....

- 8 more disco balls! found some more beads while packing and luckily i bought like 15 packages of xmas balls on clearance! now just have to figure out where we are gonna hang them in th new place!
- 5 loom knitted easter eggs. i found th pattern on line (i kno, i really need to get better at keeping track of where i find things so i can give proper credit! bad Princess!!) and they make up super quick, i made 3 while Tedibeae and i were watching a movie. ive been using th leftover yarn from th rainbow blankie so yes i do have rainbow eggs :-P

which brings th grand total to 90!! and most all my crafty stuffs is packed now so im on hiatus til we get better moved in. which is ok cause i can still feel th funk hanging around :-( just not as strong as before :-)

elephant shoes!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

have i mentioned.....

that i hate packing?? oh my goodness!! it is amazing how much shit you can accumulate in just 2 short yrs!! im trying to be good and get rid of stuffs as i pack, but i am part packrat so im prob not getting rid of as much as i should/could be. oh well, i'll try again as i unpack some of it.

th date got moved up, we figured it would be better to move on th weekend. oh and we sold th van. we had a van, i loved that van, but it was overheating pretty badly and we havent even touched it in forever, and we need th money to move. so i put an ad on craigslist. last nite. got over 20 inquiries in bout 2 hrs. small bidding war. and its gone and we gotz a few extra benjamins in our hot little hands!!! woohoo!

so i went grocery shoppen. how sad is it that porkchops and stuffing feel like a major splurge? :-P anyway, im maken Tedibear shake and bake chops, stuffing and green beans tonite!! YUM!!

elephant shoes!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

happy dance time!!!!!

we got approved for th apt!! we move on th 15th!!! life is looking up!!

elephant shoes!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

crafty funk

ugh. im in a bit of a crafty funk right now :-(

got a few projects going but just dont have th motivation to finish them. i'll pick something up and work on it for a min or so then put it down cause i just get bored.

its driving me crazy!!

i kno part of it is anticipation for th move. and a big part of it is i want to sew a few things but i still havent made it to a store to get thread so i cant.

what do you do to get yourself out of a funk??

elephant shoes!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

its th little things that make you smile

theres nothing like layen back to back in bed with your spouse and poking each other on facebook before you have even spoken to each other.

goddness i love this woman!! :-)

to do list overload

im gonna have to ground myself from th net and blogs for a bit. i keep seeing all this cute stuff to make and do!! and then i have to argue wit myself.
- thats so cute! i have to try it!
-no, we are broke and you cant buy new supplies
- but its so cute! it wouldnt take much!
- where would you put it? it doesnt match your decor.
- but its CUTE!!
- yes it is but NO!

yeah, that really goes on in my head sometimes (and sometimes with more voices ;-P). and rational voice doesnt always win, so i ask Teddibear, and we have basically th same discussion, but i have a better chance of sticking to no if she helps. what doesnt work is when she is weak to th pout and tries to say yes, then i have to make her be mean. lol. imma be in trouble when we move and start having more monies!! it will be harder for her to say no cause she spoils me! (that was bragging not complaining btw!)

elephant shoes!!

you make me laugh

since this is real me all th time and im not hiding th downside to life i had to get this off my chest.

your pathetic attempts to act like you are better than me make me laugh! you can shoot all th dirty looks you want, you can make things up to try and make me look bad, you can do your worst. none of it will work. i kno th truth (and so do you) and thats all that matters in th long run. and anyone that just believes you without bothering to come to me doesnt really matter in th long run. life is too short to waste it on small minded ppl like you and your friends. just remember, karma is a bitch!

see, write it down and get it out, feels better and helps you let go.

did it!

i had to do a bit of robbing peter to pay paul, but i got th deposit for th apt! got th apps all filled out, and gave it to my 'sis' to turn in for us today!! now its finger crossing time. not that im worried, but it doesnt hurt right?? :-)

i hate moving, but i cant wait!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

trains, and snakes and turkeys oh my!

so Tedibear suprised me with a photo shoot today. a friend of ours is an amateur photographer and she took us out to finally take some 'couple' pics. we have plenty of pics of us together but none that are 'arty'. i REALLY wish i could post pics on here cause i finally had some pictures taken of me that i like!! of course, being our lives, there was some excitement, first when we were at th train tracks, a train came by, loud and close! then we went to this beautiful cemetery we know of and as Y was going to th next spot she wanted to photograph us she almost stepped on a copperhead! it struck at her and at Tedibear both! THEN, as we were leaving th cemetery, a gang of turkeys (they even had tiny turkey switchblades!!! :-P) tried to run us off th road!! i was afraid for my life! lol!

we survived tho. and had a great time. and like i said, i really like some of th pics of me she took. now we just need to go have them printed up, ive got some cute frames ive been saving, and th new place has a great wall for our new pics.

and maybe my mom will finally take th pic of my ex off her fridge. of course that would mean she has to accept me as a lesbian so im not holding my breath.

elephant shoes!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

v-day craziness

ok so im going to admit right here and now, i dont get th hype over vday. just like my beef with xmas, why is there only ONE day a year that you're supposed to go all out showing your someone special how much you love them?? its so much more fun to spoil those special ppl love year round. for example, Teddibear brings me flowers at least twice a month, no they arent roses, but then i dont really like roses so she brings me wild flowers, or my new favorite - tulips!! and i make her stuff all th time to show her i love her, seriously, our bedroom is like a shrine to love, its almost sickening how sweet it is!! lol. and if you dont have a sweetie, then spread th love to your friends! or learn to make fake ( duct tape, fabric, paper, etc) flowers and take them to a nursing home, or make blankets or scarves to donate to th homless.

so my point is, make EVERYDAY vday. life is way too short to not share th love in your heart!!

365 update 2/15/11

last count was 78! not bad for only 2 months into th year huh?

what ive done since th last checkin
- 2 styrofoam balls covered with conversation hearts for v-day.
- a pretty for Teddibear (not completely finished yet but will be today!)
- 1 embellished hat, i took one of (i have 7 so far!!) my fedoras and used a tulip butterfly stencil and glitter fabric paint to make it even prettier!! Teddibear posted it on her facebook (she loves to brag on me for some reason!! lol) and i got more than a few compliments!

so that takes me up to 82 things made so far. im hoping to get a bunch of stuff done this week, cause then we have to start packing!!! woohoo! kinda, i really hate moving!! but im looking forward to new opportunities!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


i had to get Tedibear off to work at 7 this morning, and havent been able to get back to sleep. and on my last trip to th frozen tundra that is my kitchen (with no central heat th common areas get cold if we dont have th space heaters in there) i noticed an issue and that started my brain rolling so this is about a few love hate relationships i have.....

1. Toe Socks! - and kinda socks in general. first off i have to say, feet r GROSS!! i dont like feet at all. but i LOVE cute socks! (i guess my thinking is cover ugly with pretty?? lol!!) esp toesocks, they keep my feet warmer in th winter. but, and here comes th hate part, i have deformed pinkie toes, comes from breaking both my pinkie toes at least 3 times each (in fact toes are the only bones i have ever broken!). so when i wear toesocks they dont ever stay on my deformed pinkie toes so my socks feel weird and that drives me crazy!! esp since i just got rh cutest pair of rainbow fuzzy toesocks!! and then we move on to knee high socks. oh how i love wearing capri pants with wild print knee socks!! but alas, marching band and genes make that difficult as well. my sausage legs are too big for most socks :-( at least i figured out a pattern to make my own out of knit fabric. infact, i think im gonna cut out a few pairs today so i can make them this weekend when i get more serger thread!!

oh goodness, almost out of room, guess i'll continue this later, gonna try and take a nap.

elephant shoes!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

fingers crossed

so, we have wanted to get out of this rinky-dink, podunk, homophobic, uptight, horrible town ever since we moved here. 2 yrs ago. really. but things always got in th way, we had shitty jobs so couldnt afford to save money, we couldnt find anything in our price range that met our requirements (we have 2 fur-babies) etc, etc, blah blah blah. BUT om a firm believer in listening to th universe, so if probs came up then it wasnt th right time.

it looks like it might finally be th right time!! some close friends (my 'sister' and his boyfriend) just moved into an apt in Ft Worth, its gay friendly, pet friendly, on th bus line, close to everywhere we want to be, and they are offering first month free rent!! we are going to check it out on saturday when Tedibear is off.

we have been dealing with so much lately, and im not saying this move would fix all those issues, but it would help ease th stress from them ALOT!! and it sounds like th universe is saying 'its time'. im not looking forward to having to go back to work tho, ive gotten spoiled by getting to stay home, but th extra monies would be nice to spoil th family with!! ;-P

so cross everything you can cross that things continue to go so smoothly for us please.

elephant shoes!

Monday, February 7, 2011

365 update

last checkin i was at 45 items made, here's th newest things to add to th list:

- made 8 more fridge magnets (im trying to cover our fridge :-P) these ones arent bottle caps tho, i tried a new style that im very very proud of! im sure someone in blogland has done them before, but i havent seen it, im gonna make more and try my hand at a tutorial.
- i made Th Boy a knitted hat, hes already requested another one! lol
- 17 bean bags (would have been much more but i ran out of serger thread :-( ) 6 for a friends baby and th rest for us ;-P
- 3 more rice foot warmers, one of them is much bigger, i kinda like it more.
- 4 jean-seam coasters, found th idea on favcrafts, Tedibear loves them! not that we really use coasters in this house but i had th seams so i figured why not? lol
- and i started an ambitious project, im making heavy curtains for th bedroom (i like it cave dark since i sleep better during th day) out of old jeans and backing it with a wide wale cord i found a while back. ive got 52 8" squares cut so far. just need more thread to get them sewn together.

that takes my total to 78 (not counting th curtains yet) now im gonna go work on th rainbow blankie :-)

elephant shoes!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

People Watching

so, Tedibear and i went out with friends to one of the local gay bars, Rainbow Lounge in case you were wondering. and it brings home how lucky i am to have found her! the singles scene is so crazy! it would be too much hassle to try and find someone to date here, it really would. its so much more fun to get all dolled up and run around either on Tedibears arm or being a social butterfly! i mean last time we were here i introduced like 3 couples! maybe i should become the lesbian matchmaker! lol!

its funny to watch people relax more the more they drink. dont get me wrong, we enjoyed a few drinks ourselves! but i dont have to worry bout acting the fool cause ive had too much or cause im flirting too hard, its so comforting to know i have my perfect match that i get to go home with! i wanna put this out there now, I LUFF YOU TEDIBEAR!! AND I AM SO LUCKY THAT YOU ARE MINE AND I AM YOURS!!!

now im gonna pour our friends into the car and head home :-P

if you have someone, hug them now! and if you dont, dont worry good things come to those that wait!! dont try and rush things. it will happen i promise.

Monday, January 24, 2011

365 (not 356 like i put on an eariler update) in 2011 update

so i was at 34 things made last time i checked in. new to th list of finished items

- th red stripe for th rainbow blankie.
- 8 more fridge magnets
- i made a specimen style picture for th kitchen. it has alternating pink elephants and blue tedibears on a white glitter paper background. its in a 16x20 frame. im kinda proud of it if i may toot my own horn! :-)
- does dinner count?? ;-P although if dinner counted i would have to raise th number of things to do! i dont cook every night, Th Boy helps ALOT, but i do a few times a week at least. but anyway....
- i started my idea book, just need to decorate th outside.
- started 2 other projects as well, but i wont count them til im finished.

so that takes th grand total up to.....45!!

im going to try and get some ideas i have transfered from my phone to th idea book, depends on how the printers acting. id rather type out lists cause i HATE my handwriting! ;-P Th virgo in me likes neat lists.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Yeah ok im spoiled.....

so Th Boy rearanged th living room the other day, it looks good. now i dont have a designated craft room or even a set area, so i end up doing my crafting in the living room or in my bedroom while watching movies, and i always have a prob plugging my sewing machines into a plug that is close enough. but what my wonderful son did was hide an extension cord in th couch so i can plug th machines or my glue gun or anything i need in without having to contort myself into weird positions to use them.

yeah, go ahead an be jealous cause im so spoilt! :-P

now i just need to get out of this funk im in and make something.

Monday, January 17, 2011

i kno i shouldnt but......

we all do it anyway. im talking bout comparing ourselves to others. i dont want to 'make money' with this blog, im really just doing it as an outlet to talk bout stuff cause Tedibear doesnt really get th crafty thing. she likes th after effects but doesnt deal with th before mess very well. so while it would be nice to have followers or even readers that dont live in my house, im not worried bout it. i mean i know the best way to get your blog out is to comment on other blogs, but i dont cause i dont want to offend anyone. i mean, most of the crafty blogs are written by hetrosexual, married, christian mothers of younger children. why would they bother to read something so different from their norm? this lesbian, pagan, not allowed to marry th person she loves, mother of teenagers/young adults is either going to scare them (esp when i mention the mohawk and th 15 piercings and 9 tattoos!), or they will see my disclaimer and assume we wont have anything in common. and please dont think im trying to generalize here, im just going off my expirences, when th christian crafters see me they shut down and shut me out. and yeah it hurts a bit. i mean i dont stop reading their blog just cause i dont agree with their choice of religion, or cause they have young kids. i look everything over and adapt if i can.

bah, ignore this post, im just in a whining mood i guess. im gonna go make something for my baby, that always makes me feel better!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

got myself in trouble!

so i was telling Tedibear and Th Gurl bout this lil blog here and i told them what their nicknames were, and thats when i got in trouble! Tedibear was fine with hers, she is my tedibear. it was Th Gurl that was miffed!! see, she is dating Th Boy, my son, and they both live with us now, and i am just tickled pink that they are happy together!! but i dont want to be one of those meddling moms that tries to push for marriage or meddles in their kids lives, so even tho i would be over th moon happy if th kids did decide to take that walk down th aisle, i dont want them to think im pushing. but, apparently th other day i introduced her as Th DIL (daughter in law) so when i said what her nickname was she acted hurt and was like 'oh i thought i was Th DIL? guess im not that important huh? huh? huh?' lmfao!! so i told her fine i would change her nickname and then write a post bout it so here it is! i thought being a mom was hard when they were little, its so different now they are teens/young adults!! i cant say harder, but just as hard - in a different way!

i wanna scream!!

i cant seem to be able to post pics from my phone to here. everything i have tried that blogger said to do hasnt worked yet. it sux cause i wanted to be able to show off th stuff im making. i guess i will have to be a pictureless blog til we can finally get internet at th house. which might be a while since gettin a vehicle is top priority right now. oh well, it will happen when th universe says its time right? right!

ok, pout is over. moving on. :-)

356 status update

arrrrgh!!! i had typed everything out and then my phone ate it!! grrr

here is th list of what ive made in th last 2 days...
- 6 more fridge magnets
- i finished Th Gurl's hat
- i used an empty clothes washing soap container to make a lil bucket to hold my left over yarn balls, will prob decorate it soon
- i made one more stripe for th rainbow blankie and started another that i will prob finish before i go to bed tonite.

bringing the grand total of things made in 2011 to........ 34!!

oh i undid th scarf i was making Tedibear, i decided it was too wide, im going a diff way with it i think, but i cant say how since i kno she reads this!! :-P

Monday, January 10, 2011

365 in 2011

so in my nightly bloggy wanderings i have seen quite a few ppl taking up th 365 in 2011 challenge. and i figure, why not me? i plan on having a booth at pride this year so that will help me reach that goal, but it will also challenge me to try and make something every day. im going to start counting from jan 1st so my total so far is:

- 4 bottle cap magnet words
- 1 knitted hat for Tedibear
- 19 beaded disco balls

for a grand total of 24 things made in 10 days!! im pretty darn proud of myself!!

blog surfing has given me more than a few ideas of things i want to try so im sure i wont have any problem reaching my goal of 365 (well 341 now right? lol)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Works in progress

ok what im in th middle of working on right now,

- a knitted (on my round kniffty knitter cause i cand knit with two needles) hat for Th Gurl, she picked i gorgeous blue.

- a scarf for Tedibear (on th kk rectangle loom)

- bottle cap word magnets, have a few finished but need to make more

- rice warmers, i finished one that ive been using and it is oh my goddess WONDERFUL!! i no longer go to bed with cold toes!!

-ribbon topiary, think ive pretty much given up on this one, now wut to do with all these 4in pieces of ribbon i have??

-make a new pattern for lounging (ok who am i kidding? i wear these pants EVERYWHERE!!) pants, got th pair i like ripped apart, just need to keep th doggies out of th room long enough to make th pattern.

-crocheted rainbow blankie, got th orange stripe done (yeah i kno its out of color order) and just started on th first black stripe.

and i think thats it. for what ive actually started at least. th stuff i want to make will be another post ;-P

Saturday, January 8, 2011

On a happier note.....

The disco-ballification has finally happened!! I found a tute (i think from CraftGossip) that took a ball ornament and wrapped a string of pearls around it for a xmas ornament, well we dont really celebrate present day at la casa de freak so i tweaked it a bit and am just calling them disco balls. i used the mardi gras type beads that we had collected from th Pride parades we have been to in th last few yrs, then i used a sharpie to put the city and th date. our living room has faux wood beams on th ceiling so Th Boy just used push pins and hung them along th beams. Its very cute if i do say so myself! Its night now or i would attempt to upload a pic, but im still not sure how thats gonna work from my phone. hopefully soon we will be able to get internet and i can do more with this blog >.<

i'll list my wips and crafty todos in th next post.

wow pt 2

yeah so we were using him for his car. ours needs a new head gasket (a $1500 job), well with Tedibear working fast food and me not working we dont have that kinda money, and we were supposed to be a family. family helps each other out right? we put gas in his car and we even helped on th upkeep, and we had him on our insurance so he would get a cheaper rate! but we were using him. ok. sure.

and now he is telling ppl that we were so horrible to him and blah blah blah. whatever he has to do to help him sleep better at night right? like i said, im hurt but i'll get over it. we have made it through tougher times, we will make it through this. besides, income tax time is coming up and hopefully i will finally get my lawsuit settled from my wreck 3 yrs ago.

and i can really honestly say i dont wish him ill. but i am upset with him, mainly for hurting Tedibear th way he did.

wow, really?

so we got a bomb dropped on us 2 nights ago. th roomie came home from work and told us that he was moving out. we had no idea he was even looking to move out. it seems that he hasnt been happy here for a while cause i constantly degrade him for being an idiot (it should be noted that me saying 'dude, you are NOT an idiot so you should stop acting like one' is what he considers me degrading him). so he then started a fight that ended with him saying 'youre lucky im giving you 2 weeks notice' which of course pissed me off and so i told him to be out that night, but then agreed to the next day (yesterday). so he was gone by noon. its been hard on Tedibear cause she is a very loving person and gets very attached, esp to ppl that live with her. dont get me wrong, i loved him too, but im more hardened to things like this so its easier for me to deal with. but i am hurt. and disappointed, this is a smart man in his 30's that is choosing to move in with 2 kids (one is 21, one is only 19) that are still in th party mentality and i kno it is going to end badly (th 19 yr old is a former roommate that chose to move out cause she would rather spend $400 on a tattoo than spend $100 on her rent) but then maybe im giving him too much credit, he has done this (move out with no notice and started major fights) 4 times in the past, in fact he did it to th ppl he was living with right before he moved in with us, maybe im wrong in thinking he is a caring person, his track record kinda shows him to be nothing more than a user that will use ppl til they get tired of his idiot act and then he starts a fight and moves out. then he can go around saying how mean those ppl were to him and used him etc, etc, etc. which is exactly what he is doing now. yeap, im a mean horrible bitch that was so mean to him, and we were using him.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Altered plans

Well that was a bust!

Right after Teddibear got to work she came home :-(. She had a spot on her leg that was hurting her pretty bad. I was afraid it was a bite of some sort so i made her go to th er ( i must admit, secretly i was hoping it was spider babies, you kno th urban legend thing?) Turns out shes a nasry dirty skank whore that needs to shower more and stop sharing needles!! not really, it was just a staph infection, dr said it was prob caused by a simple ingrown hair, stupid huh? so he had to cut it open and drain it. (no spider babies :-C) my morbid self was watching, im so glad he shot her leg full of lidocane!! i luff my big butch hers-band to death but she can be a big whiney baby when it comes to pain (you kno its true baby! dont be mad!!) as per usual we were at th er for 5 hrs for something that took 10 (if even that long!) then we had th drive home and th trip to hell-mart to get her meds, then waited for th roomie to get home. i was a tizred lil princess!! mind you, i was going on only th 2hr nap i had gotten, so i went right to bed and fell asleep, but of course i woke up at 5 and cant get back to sleep. and of course i didnt get to do th discoball-ification of th living room. maybe tomorow.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ugh!!! See what i mean? Here it is 11:30, ive been awake again since 10am. After finally falling asleep at 7:30am. But Tedibear is off to work, and i let th dogs outside, so imma taken a nap!! Then i gotta finish up on my disco balls so Th Boy and i can hang them up today! Pics will follow!

Happy Nappy!!

Ok sorry, one more slight rant tonight

(or rather this morning)
I hate this weird form of vampirism i seem to have developed. No, no i dont drink blood, although if vamps were real i would TOTALLY be trying to become one!!!!! (To almost quote an almost fav movie, I would be such a naughty Vampire Goddess!!) I mean i have a hell of a time sleeping when th sun is down. Normally this would be considered insomnia, but as soon as th sun comes up, i can go right to sleep. Or i can take a long nap in th afternoon/early evening. Im going crazy here!! Although my girl loves telling th story bout how she rolled over at like 5am th other day and asked me why i was still up and i replied with 'cause th sun isnt up yet'. I kno it bugs her to have th glow of my phone piercing her eyelids all night long, ive tried everything i can think of tho and a few things others have thought of as well. Nothing works, well i take that back, ambien does, but i dont have insurance to be able to go get a scrip from th Dr, and i deff cant afford to get it 'on th black-market' ($5 per pill?? Thats highway robbery!!)

Oh well, th sun is almost up, i can catch a nap til its time to get my Tedibear up and off to work.
New years resolutions blah blah blah..... Im so sick of hearing ppl say they are going to 'be a better person this year!' only to watch them fall off th wagon before jan is over. Ugh.

other things im sick of
- 'friends' that are 2faced, just caused i vented to you about someone that hurt or offended me does not mean i am 'talking shit about them'. And if you go tell that person i am 'talking shit about them' then you really arent being much of a friend to me are you? No, you arent.
- ppl that claim to understand or get me but then prove they dont by whining that im 'so mean and such a bitch to them'. Newsflash! I fully admit to being a bitch, usually within th firsr 10 mins of meeting someone. I dont have an internal filter so i tell you what im thinking if you ask. Which means if i think you are acting like an idiot i will tell you. I wont try and kiss your ass and tell you in a nice way, i will say 'i think you are acting like an idiot' that doesnt mean i dont like you, it just means i thought you were acting like an idiot at that moment.
- smart ppl that act like idiots on purpose cause they think its cute but then get 5 kinds of butthurt when you tell them they are acting like an idiot and you are tired of it. Really? Put on your big girl panties and deal. If you dont want to get called an idiot dont act like one on purpose!!

whew! Ok i think i vented enough for this first post of th year, i will try to not bitch so much in th next one. Try. :-P