Friday, January 28, 2011

People Watching

so, Tedibear and i went out with friends to one of the local gay bars, Rainbow Lounge in case you were wondering. and it brings home how lucky i am to have found her! the singles scene is so crazy! it would be too much hassle to try and find someone to date here, it really would. its so much more fun to get all dolled up and run around either on Tedibears arm or being a social butterfly! i mean last time we were here i introduced like 3 couples! maybe i should become the lesbian matchmaker! lol!

its funny to watch people relax more the more they drink. dont get me wrong, we enjoyed a few drinks ourselves! but i dont have to worry bout acting the fool cause ive had too much or cause im flirting too hard, its so comforting to know i have my perfect match that i get to go home with! i wanna put this out there now, I LUFF YOU TEDIBEAR!! AND I AM SO LUCKY THAT YOU ARE MINE AND I AM YOURS!!!

now im gonna pour our friends into the car and head home :-P

if you have someone, hug them now! and if you dont, dont worry good things come to those that wait!! dont try and rush things. it will happen i promise.

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