Friday, January 28, 2011

People Watching

so, Tedibear and i went out with friends to one of the local gay bars, Rainbow Lounge in case you were wondering. and it brings home how lucky i am to have found her! the singles scene is so crazy! it would be too much hassle to try and find someone to date here, it really would. its so much more fun to get all dolled up and run around either on Tedibears arm or being a social butterfly! i mean last time we were here i introduced like 3 couples! maybe i should become the lesbian matchmaker! lol!

its funny to watch people relax more the more they drink. dont get me wrong, we enjoyed a few drinks ourselves! but i dont have to worry bout acting the fool cause ive had too much or cause im flirting too hard, its so comforting to know i have my perfect match that i get to go home with! i wanna put this out there now, I LUFF YOU TEDIBEAR!! AND I AM SO LUCKY THAT YOU ARE MINE AND I AM YOURS!!!

now im gonna pour our friends into the car and head home :-P

if you have someone, hug them now! and if you dont, dont worry good things come to those that wait!! dont try and rush things. it will happen i promise.

Monday, January 24, 2011

365 (not 356 like i put on an eariler update) in 2011 update

so i was at 34 things made last time i checked in. new to th list of finished items

- th red stripe for th rainbow blankie.
- 8 more fridge magnets
- i made a specimen style picture for th kitchen. it has alternating pink elephants and blue tedibears on a white glitter paper background. its in a 16x20 frame. im kinda proud of it if i may toot my own horn! :-)
- does dinner count?? ;-P although if dinner counted i would have to raise th number of things to do! i dont cook every night, Th Boy helps ALOT, but i do a few times a week at least. but anyway....
- i started my idea book, just need to decorate th outside.
- started 2 other projects as well, but i wont count them til im finished.

so that takes th grand total up to.....45!!

im going to try and get some ideas i have transfered from my phone to th idea book, depends on how the printers acting. id rather type out lists cause i HATE my handwriting! ;-P Th virgo in me likes neat lists.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Yeah ok im spoiled.....

so Th Boy rearanged th living room the other day, it looks good. now i dont have a designated craft room or even a set area, so i end up doing my crafting in the living room or in my bedroom while watching movies, and i always have a prob plugging my sewing machines into a plug that is close enough. but what my wonderful son did was hide an extension cord in th couch so i can plug th machines or my glue gun or anything i need in without having to contort myself into weird positions to use them.

yeah, go ahead an be jealous cause im so spoilt! :-P

now i just need to get out of this funk im in and make something.

Monday, January 17, 2011

i kno i shouldnt but......

we all do it anyway. im talking bout comparing ourselves to others. i dont want to 'make money' with this blog, im really just doing it as an outlet to talk bout stuff cause Tedibear doesnt really get th crafty thing. she likes th after effects but doesnt deal with th before mess very well. so while it would be nice to have followers or even readers that dont live in my house, im not worried bout it. i mean i know the best way to get your blog out is to comment on other blogs, but i dont cause i dont want to offend anyone. i mean, most of the crafty blogs are written by hetrosexual, married, christian mothers of younger children. why would they bother to read something so different from their norm? this lesbian, pagan, not allowed to marry th person she loves, mother of teenagers/young adults is either going to scare them (esp when i mention the mohawk and th 15 piercings and 9 tattoos!), or they will see my disclaimer and assume we wont have anything in common. and please dont think im trying to generalize here, im just going off my expirences, when th christian crafters see me they shut down and shut me out. and yeah it hurts a bit. i mean i dont stop reading their blog just cause i dont agree with their choice of religion, or cause they have young kids. i look everything over and adapt if i can.

bah, ignore this post, im just in a whining mood i guess. im gonna go make something for my baby, that always makes me feel better!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

got myself in trouble!

so i was telling Tedibear and Th Gurl bout this lil blog here and i told them what their nicknames were, and thats when i got in trouble! Tedibear was fine with hers, she is my tedibear. it was Th Gurl that was miffed!! see, she is dating Th Boy, my son, and they both live with us now, and i am just tickled pink that they are happy together!! but i dont want to be one of those meddling moms that tries to push for marriage or meddles in their kids lives, so even tho i would be over th moon happy if th kids did decide to take that walk down th aisle, i dont want them to think im pushing. but, apparently th other day i introduced her as Th DIL (daughter in law) so when i said what her nickname was she acted hurt and was like 'oh i thought i was Th DIL? guess im not that important huh? huh? huh?' lmfao!! so i told her fine i would change her nickname and then write a post bout it so here it is! i thought being a mom was hard when they were little, its so different now they are teens/young adults!! i cant say harder, but just as hard - in a different way!

i wanna scream!!

i cant seem to be able to post pics from my phone to here. everything i have tried that blogger said to do hasnt worked yet. it sux cause i wanted to be able to show off th stuff im making. i guess i will have to be a pictureless blog til we can finally get internet at th house. which might be a while since gettin a vehicle is top priority right now. oh well, it will happen when th universe says its time right? right!

ok, pout is over. moving on. :-)

356 status update

arrrrgh!!! i had typed everything out and then my phone ate it!! grrr

here is th list of what ive made in th last 2 days...
- 6 more fridge magnets
- i finished Th Gurl's hat
- i used an empty clothes washing soap container to make a lil bucket to hold my left over yarn balls, will prob decorate it soon
- i made one more stripe for th rainbow blankie and started another that i will prob finish before i go to bed tonite.

bringing the grand total of things made in 2011 to........ 34!!

oh i undid th scarf i was making Tedibear, i decided it was too wide, im going a diff way with it i think, but i cant say how since i kno she reads this!! :-P

Monday, January 10, 2011

365 in 2011

so in my nightly bloggy wanderings i have seen quite a few ppl taking up th 365 in 2011 challenge. and i figure, why not me? i plan on having a booth at pride this year so that will help me reach that goal, but it will also challenge me to try and make something every day. im going to start counting from jan 1st so my total so far is:

- 4 bottle cap magnet words
- 1 knitted hat for Tedibear
- 19 beaded disco balls

for a grand total of 24 things made in 10 days!! im pretty darn proud of myself!!

blog surfing has given me more than a few ideas of things i want to try so im sure i wont have any problem reaching my goal of 365 (well 341 now right? lol)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Works in progress

ok what im in th middle of working on right now,

- a knitted (on my round kniffty knitter cause i cand knit with two needles) hat for Th Gurl, she picked i gorgeous blue.

- a scarf for Tedibear (on th kk rectangle loom)

- bottle cap word magnets, have a few finished but need to make more

- rice warmers, i finished one that ive been using and it is oh my goddess WONDERFUL!! i no longer go to bed with cold toes!!

-ribbon topiary, think ive pretty much given up on this one, now wut to do with all these 4in pieces of ribbon i have??

-make a new pattern for lounging (ok who am i kidding? i wear these pants EVERYWHERE!!) pants, got th pair i like ripped apart, just need to keep th doggies out of th room long enough to make th pattern.

-crocheted rainbow blankie, got th orange stripe done (yeah i kno its out of color order) and just started on th first black stripe.

and i think thats it. for what ive actually started at least. th stuff i want to make will be another post ;-P

Saturday, January 8, 2011

On a happier note.....

The disco-ballification has finally happened!! I found a tute (i think from CraftGossip) that took a ball ornament and wrapped a string of pearls around it for a xmas ornament, well we dont really celebrate present day at la casa de freak so i tweaked it a bit and am just calling them disco balls. i used the mardi gras type beads that we had collected from th Pride parades we have been to in th last few yrs, then i used a sharpie to put the city and th date. our living room has faux wood beams on th ceiling so Th Boy just used push pins and hung them along th beams. Its very cute if i do say so myself! Its night now or i would attempt to upload a pic, but im still not sure how thats gonna work from my phone. hopefully soon we will be able to get internet and i can do more with this blog >.<

i'll list my wips and crafty todos in th next post.

wow pt 2

yeah so we were using him for his car. ours needs a new head gasket (a $1500 job), well with Tedibear working fast food and me not working we dont have that kinda money, and we were supposed to be a family. family helps each other out right? we put gas in his car and we even helped on th upkeep, and we had him on our insurance so he would get a cheaper rate! but we were using him. ok. sure.

and now he is telling ppl that we were so horrible to him and blah blah blah. whatever he has to do to help him sleep better at night right? like i said, im hurt but i'll get over it. we have made it through tougher times, we will make it through this. besides, income tax time is coming up and hopefully i will finally get my lawsuit settled from my wreck 3 yrs ago.

and i can really honestly say i dont wish him ill. but i am upset with him, mainly for hurting Tedibear th way he did.

wow, really?

so we got a bomb dropped on us 2 nights ago. th roomie came home from work and told us that he was moving out. we had no idea he was even looking to move out. it seems that he hasnt been happy here for a while cause i constantly degrade him for being an idiot (it should be noted that me saying 'dude, you are NOT an idiot so you should stop acting like one' is what he considers me degrading him). so he then started a fight that ended with him saying 'youre lucky im giving you 2 weeks notice' which of course pissed me off and so i told him to be out that night, but then agreed to the next day (yesterday). so he was gone by noon. its been hard on Tedibear cause she is a very loving person and gets very attached, esp to ppl that live with her. dont get me wrong, i loved him too, but im more hardened to things like this so its easier for me to deal with. but i am hurt. and disappointed, this is a smart man in his 30's that is choosing to move in with 2 kids (one is 21, one is only 19) that are still in th party mentality and i kno it is going to end badly (th 19 yr old is a former roommate that chose to move out cause she would rather spend $400 on a tattoo than spend $100 on her rent) but then maybe im giving him too much credit, he has done this (move out with no notice and started major fights) 4 times in the past, in fact he did it to th ppl he was living with right before he moved in with us, maybe im wrong in thinking he is a caring person, his track record kinda shows him to be nothing more than a user that will use ppl til they get tired of his idiot act and then he starts a fight and moves out. then he can go around saying how mean those ppl were to him and used him etc, etc, etc. which is exactly what he is doing now. yeap, im a mean horrible bitch that was so mean to him, and we were using him.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Altered plans

Well that was a bust!

Right after Teddibear got to work she came home :-(. She had a spot on her leg that was hurting her pretty bad. I was afraid it was a bite of some sort so i made her go to th er ( i must admit, secretly i was hoping it was spider babies, you kno th urban legend thing?) Turns out shes a nasry dirty skank whore that needs to shower more and stop sharing needles!! not really, it was just a staph infection, dr said it was prob caused by a simple ingrown hair, stupid huh? so he had to cut it open and drain it. (no spider babies :-C) my morbid self was watching, im so glad he shot her leg full of lidocane!! i luff my big butch hers-band to death but she can be a big whiney baby when it comes to pain (you kno its true baby! dont be mad!!) as per usual we were at th er for 5 hrs for something that took 10 (if even that long!) then we had th drive home and th trip to hell-mart to get her meds, then waited for th roomie to get home. i was a tizred lil princess!! mind you, i was going on only th 2hr nap i had gotten, so i went right to bed and fell asleep, but of course i woke up at 5 and cant get back to sleep. and of course i didnt get to do th discoball-ification of th living room. maybe tomorow.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ugh!!! See what i mean? Here it is 11:30, ive been awake again since 10am. After finally falling asleep at 7:30am. But Tedibear is off to work, and i let th dogs outside, so imma taken a nap!! Then i gotta finish up on my disco balls so Th Boy and i can hang them up today! Pics will follow!

Happy Nappy!!

Ok sorry, one more slight rant tonight

(or rather this morning)
I hate this weird form of vampirism i seem to have developed. No, no i dont drink blood, although if vamps were real i would TOTALLY be trying to become one!!!!! (To almost quote an almost fav movie, I would be such a naughty Vampire Goddess!!) I mean i have a hell of a time sleeping when th sun is down. Normally this would be considered insomnia, but as soon as th sun comes up, i can go right to sleep. Or i can take a long nap in th afternoon/early evening. Im going crazy here!! Although my girl loves telling th story bout how she rolled over at like 5am th other day and asked me why i was still up and i replied with 'cause th sun isnt up yet'. I kno it bugs her to have th glow of my phone piercing her eyelids all night long, ive tried everything i can think of tho and a few things others have thought of as well. Nothing works, well i take that back, ambien does, but i dont have insurance to be able to go get a scrip from th Dr, and i deff cant afford to get it 'on th black-market' ($5 per pill?? Thats highway robbery!!)

Oh well, th sun is almost up, i can catch a nap til its time to get my Tedibear up and off to work.
New years resolutions blah blah blah..... Im so sick of hearing ppl say they are going to 'be a better person this year!' only to watch them fall off th wagon before jan is over. Ugh.

other things im sick of
- 'friends' that are 2faced, just caused i vented to you about someone that hurt or offended me does not mean i am 'talking shit about them'. And if you go tell that person i am 'talking shit about them' then you really arent being much of a friend to me are you? No, you arent.
- ppl that claim to understand or get me but then prove they dont by whining that im 'so mean and such a bitch to them'. Newsflash! I fully admit to being a bitch, usually within th firsr 10 mins of meeting someone. I dont have an internal filter so i tell you what im thinking if you ask. Which means if i think you are acting like an idiot i will tell you. I wont try and kiss your ass and tell you in a nice way, i will say 'i think you are acting like an idiot' that doesnt mean i dont like you, it just means i thought you were acting like an idiot at that moment.
- smart ppl that act like idiots on purpose cause they think its cute but then get 5 kinds of butthurt when you tell them they are acting like an idiot and you are tired of it. Really? Put on your big girl panties and deal. If you dont want to get called an idiot dont act like one on purpose!!

whew! Ok i think i vented enough for this first post of th year, i will try to not bitch so much in th next one. Try. :-P