Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ok sorry, one more slight rant tonight

(or rather this morning)
I hate this weird form of vampirism i seem to have developed. No, no i dont drink blood, although if vamps were real i would TOTALLY be trying to become one!!!!! (To almost quote an almost fav movie, I would be such a naughty Vampire Goddess!!) I mean i have a hell of a time sleeping when th sun is down. Normally this would be considered insomnia, but as soon as th sun comes up, i can go right to sleep. Or i can take a long nap in th afternoon/early evening. Im going crazy here!! Although my girl loves telling th story bout how she rolled over at like 5am th other day and asked me why i was still up and i replied with 'cause th sun isnt up yet'. I kno it bugs her to have th glow of my phone piercing her eyelids all night long, ive tried everything i can think of tho and a few things others have thought of as well. Nothing works, well i take that back, ambien does, but i dont have insurance to be able to go get a scrip from th Dr, and i deff cant afford to get it 'on th black-market' ($5 per pill?? Thats highway robbery!!)

Oh well, th sun is almost up, i can catch a nap til its time to get my Tedibear up and off to work.

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