Sunday, January 9, 2011

Works in progress

ok what im in th middle of working on right now,

- a knitted (on my round kniffty knitter cause i cand knit with two needles) hat for Th Gurl, she picked i gorgeous blue.

- a scarf for Tedibear (on th kk rectangle loom)

- bottle cap word magnets, have a few finished but need to make more

- rice warmers, i finished one that ive been using and it is oh my goddess WONDERFUL!! i no longer go to bed with cold toes!!

-ribbon topiary, think ive pretty much given up on this one, now wut to do with all these 4in pieces of ribbon i have??

-make a new pattern for lounging (ok who am i kidding? i wear these pants EVERYWHERE!!) pants, got th pair i like ripped apart, just need to keep th doggies out of th room long enough to make th pattern.

-crocheted rainbow blankie, got th orange stripe done (yeah i kno its out of color order) and just started on th first black stripe.

and i think thats it. for what ive actually started at least. th stuff i want to make will be another post ;-P

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