Friday, July 29, 2011

happy happy joy joy

new swap time again!! :-D this one is a countdown to halloween. so we make our partner 13 things (or buy, but most have to be made) for halloween. [giddy giggle] my partner and i have alot in common so its great that my widdle head is spinning with ideas! ive already started on a few things, and i was telling Tedibear bout some other ideas and shes making me make extras of some of them so we get to keep some! lol! im not complaining cause that means shes gonna let me have more monies to spend! bwahahahaha! more halloween stuffs in th house? yes please!!

of course i have to keep reminding myself that we are only supposed to make a small item for each day, thats like under $10 or 1 hr crafting time. but like i told my partner, it takes me less than an hr to make a skirt (which is considered a large item) so its ok that im spoiling her!! lol!!

this is th mini one, next yr i wanna go for th big one. that one you make 91 things (13 for th 1st day, 12 th 2nd etc)!!!!!!! i could have so much fun with that!!!!

so whats your fav part of halloween? got any crafts for me to try? feel free to leave a comment with any and all suggestions!!!! esp if they are on the dark and sinister side!! ;-P

elephant shoes!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

wow, sorry if that makes me sound greedy, im really not!! promise! ask tedibear, i will put something for me in th basket, and then find something i would like to get her, so i take mine out. if she sees me do this she will normally go behind me and try and put it back in th basket, so then we argue bout how i never let her buy me things, which is totally not true!! look back over my posts, how often do i mention how spoilt i am?? yeah. exactly! she gets me stuff ALL TH TIME!!

anyway, th point of this post is what can i offer my partners in wxchange for the detailed list i provided.......
i can.....
loom knit (cant 2 needle knit to save my life!! )
make jewellery
play with polymer clay
make/decorate hats- both full size and minis
im getting much better at embroidery! i may even add a new stitch soon!
plus i dabble, i love trying new things. i dont always like it and may now try it again, but i try it at least once a day!!

and im totally open to private swaps! so drop me a line if your interested.

you kno th drill, more added as i think bout it,

elephant shoes!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

swap info part tres

wishlist -
yarn yarn and more yarn - you can never have enough!! i would love some hand spun yarn, esp some wool that i can use to make dryer balls!, cotton is great, as is acrylic
charm bracelets
hooplas - based on any of my fav's, im planning on doing some with naughty words, quotes from my fav movies and tv shows are always a good bet too
hoopla supplies - hoops (both wooden and plastic, all sizes), floss (can you believe i only have red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, white and glow in th dark??)
starter/info kits for - spinning yarn (this is th one i want most right now! im heavy in research/saving for all th equipment mode right now) - resin jewellery - making lipbalm - poppets - weaving
fabric (at least 4 yds of knits so i can get 2 items out of it, or 1 yd pieces so i can make socks. but 4 or 6 in squares for my rainbow patchwork projects are prob easier, but larger scraps are awesome as well, esp chiffon or lace or velvet that can be used on hats)
notions - for sewing. like thread, elastic, any cool tools, buttons, patterns (plus sized if for clothing)
, insulbrite for potholders
hats (i currently have 10 fedoras, 1 st patties themed cowboy hat, 2 newsboys and 3 mini top hats...... so far), i'd love to add bowlers and witch hats and more minis/facinators (any style, with th aligator clips not elastic since ive got th hawk) to my collection
whimsey jars (so much fun going thru them! and then adding stuffs to my hats or other projects)
poppets (i really want a fairy and a cornish pixie or 2 [or 3] and then im gonna keep them in a birdcage!! lol)
sugar skulls - anything day of the dead really
scrabble tiles and dominos
purse/bag/tote - i'd love a weekender type bag (esp in an elephant print), or a messenger bag with lots of pockets
so im limited to 1837 characters on my phone, so this will be multiple posts til i can get to th library and/or get internet at th house.....

im engaged to th most awesome woman (wedding date to be determined by when rx stops being stupid. we arent holding our breath). we live in the west dfw area with our 2 furbabies, one a chihuahua/rat terrier (small), the other a mutt (large),who are completely and utterly spoiled! so am i for that matter! yes sir-ree bob i am one lucky spoiled princess! its ok to be jealous, im used to it ;-P so i try to take just as good care of my Tedibear as she does of me! i do have 2 (well 3 now) kids, Th Boy and his wife Th DIL (who are giving me my first granbaby in oct/nov!!!), and Th Child who lives with his grandparents. then there is our extended chosen family of many great friends that we miss horribly when they arent around.

fav movies - auntie mame, tank girl, gone with the wind, drop dead fred, princess bride, labrynith, willow, spirited away, harry potter series, anything kevin smith, horror (even cheesy b-movies), serial killer plots, shrek series, ice age series, the quiet man (my poppa looked like john wayne!), house of yes, may, shaun of the dead, i hope they serve beer in hell, but im a cheerleader, slap her she's french, imagine me & you, better than chocolate, anything mel brooks, burlesque, meat market, cry baby,
ok so ive been bitten by th swap bug! and i notice a few ppl that also have blogs gave set aside a post to give their partners more info, so im gonna do th same!

i'll start with an intro, Hi, im th princess, th bitch no one likes. im rude crude and socially unacceptable. i cuss, i smoke, i drink and i have been known to make sailors blush. i am a bad influence and im th person your mother forgot to warn you about!

teehee, that pretty much is me. if auntie mame, tank girl, scarlet ohara and drop dead fred had a love child.... it would be me. im an interesting mix of opposites and freaky rolled into one. its almost impossible to offend me, and i have yet to see a horror film that scares me.

themes i like - vampire, pink, goth, rainbows, zombies, butterflies, ELEPHANTS, sewing, crocheting, perky goth, lgbt pride, hats, movies, dia de los muertos, halloween (macbre meets cute with glitter!), skulls, pirate, geeky, nerdy, steampunky, horror movies, tedibears, tattoos, piercings, historical fashions, dogs, chutulu (wutever i always spell it wrong! lol), pagan (im rebuilding my tools and library that was stolen), Gorey (th artist), gory (like blood and guts everywhere! ;-P), food/baking (i enjoy cooking, but its a secret so dont tell!),

fave colors - glitter, rainbow (roygbp), pink, black, grey, silver, glow in th dark.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

thats right! my Tedibear has been in training since th 5th to get her cdl and yesterday she passed her driving test!! th next step is she goes for otj training for 4-6 weeks, and then she does team driving for 6 mths after that. then hopefully she can get a regional gig so shes home more. im of mixed feelings bout her being gone for so long..... yeah im a hermit but i do kinda like having her around ya kno? :-P

and i kno its gonna be hard on her.

but i am so very proud of my baby!! she found something she likes to make a career out of! and shes continuing to spoil me by not making or expecting me ro go to work outside th house. although i might look for something part time just to have a little human interaction. maybe ;-P

elephant shoes!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

request for items.......

so, im gonna have lots of extra time on my hands while Tedibear is training and then otr, so ive been trying to figure out things i can do. i cant afford to donate to charities or th community right now, but i can make things that can then be raffled or auctioned off!! so im asking for donations of raw materials cause im sure some of yall are in th same boat (you cant give monies but you have stuff laying around th house that you could get rid of). these things will be made into new things and auctioned or raffled off locally and then 100% of what is raised will be donated to various charities!!! everyone that donates will receive (either mailed or emailed) a pic of what their donation made, how much it raised and where th monies went.

so th items im looking for are...
~ beer bottle caps - th twist off kind please
~ vhs tapes - i know u have some in a box somewhere!
~ tshirts - preferably with 'Pride' sayings or slogans on them, but any tshirt will be put to use!
~ yarn - this will be made into scarves and hats and donated to th homeless shelters here locally. also need wool felting yarn or wool sweaters.
~ old sheets - any size or fabric type, prints or solids.

if you can donate any of these things please leave a comment with an email addy and i will get in touch!

thanks in advance for your donations!!

elephant shoes!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

so, last count was 349. then i posted a few more things bringing it to 359. and ive got a bunch to add now

- 4 things for my swap partner, one she knos about is a skirt, th rest are secrets :-)
- 5 pair of pants, 2 were supposed to be tests but i kinda like them so they are getting added to th wardrobe. and i finished th patchwork pants!! wore them out and got TONS of compliments!!
- 5 more hoop pieces, im quickly becoming addicted!! now just gotta get another commission so i can get some more hoops!
- 40 bottlecap thingies, i did th opening song for The L Word in bottle caps, now have to figure out how im gonna mount it.
- 1 new hat, this one is a mini top hat that i discoball-ified, gorgeous blue rhinestones this time.
- 1 test of a shirt pattern, gonna have to tweak it just a bit but ive got 5 pieces of fabric (some i have had for almost 10 yes!!!) just waiting to get cut and sewn!!

and that brings th grand total to.......... 395!!!!! woohoo!! ive passed my goal!! i honestly wasnt sure when i started that i would make it (although th bottlecaps and my mini discoballs helped alot!!) and trust im not stopping now! th next goal is 700. and with th to-do list i have, plus th fact that Tedibear is bout to be gone alot, that goal will be passed in no time!!

elephant shoes!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

im so mad at myself!!!im so mad at myself!!!

so i had joined a swap right? th mail date was th 2nd, at first i was afraid that i was gonna be late cause rents due and i didnt have extra to mail it, but then i worked things out so i could.

and then i didnt make it to th po on time!!! damnit!

and, as if things couldnt be worse, its the holiday weedend so i wont be able to mail til tuesday, and i cant remember my crafster password and cant seem to change it on my phone so i cant even log in to let my partner and the coordinator know what happened. so im going to get bad feedback on my very first swap! im so mad at myself it isnt funny!!

hopefully they will check here and see whats going on. i wont be able to get to a real computer til tuesday either. but i SWEAR it is going out on tuesday! please forgive me!!!