Thursday, July 7, 2011

so, last count was 349. then i posted a few more things bringing it to 359. and ive got a bunch to add now

- 4 things for my swap partner, one she knos about is a skirt, th rest are secrets :-)
- 5 pair of pants, 2 were supposed to be tests but i kinda like them so they are getting added to th wardrobe. and i finished th patchwork pants!! wore them out and got TONS of compliments!!
- 5 more hoop pieces, im quickly becoming addicted!! now just gotta get another commission so i can get some more hoops!
- 40 bottlecap thingies, i did th opening song for The L Word in bottle caps, now have to figure out how im gonna mount it.
- 1 new hat, this one is a mini top hat that i discoball-ified, gorgeous blue rhinestones this time.
- 1 test of a shirt pattern, gonna have to tweak it just a bit but ive got 5 pieces of fabric (some i have had for almost 10 yes!!!) just waiting to get cut and sewn!!

and that brings th grand total to.......... 395!!!!! woohoo!! ive passed my goal!! i honestly wasnt sure when i started that i would make it (although th bottlecaps and my mini discoballs helped alot!!) and trust im not stopping now! th next goal is 700. and with th to-do list i have, plus th fact that Tedibear is bout to be gone alot, that goal will be passed in no time!!

elephant shoes!!

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