Monday, July 11, 2011

request for items.......

so, im gonna have lots of extra time on my hands while Tedibear is training and then otr, so ive been trying to figure out things i can do. i cant afford to donate to charities or th community right now, but i can make things that can then be raffled or auctioned off!! so im asking for donations of raw materials cause im sure some of yall are in th same boat (you cant give monies but you have stuff laying around th house that you could get rid of). these things will be made into new things and auctioned or raffled off locally and then 100% of what is raised will be donated to various charities!!! everyone that donates will receive (either mailed or emailed) a pic of what their donation made, how much it raised and where th monies went.

so th items im looking for are...
~ beer bottle caps - th twist off kind please
~ vhs tapes - i know u have some in a box somewhere!
~ tshirts - preferably with 'Pride' sayings or slogans on them, but any tshirt will be put to use!
~ yarn - this will be made into scarves and hats and donated to th homeless shelters here locally. also need wool felting yarn or wool sweaters.
~ old sheets - any size or fabric type, prints or solids.

if you can donate any of these things please leave a comment with an email addy and i will get in touch!

thanks in advance for your donations!!

elephant shoes!!!

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