Tuesday, May 31, 2011

blah blah blah 5-31-11

none of these are complete enough, or long enough for their own post so im consolidating.......

today on th bus Tedibear was asked if we were sisters........ we looked at each other and both said 'hey mister, we're sisters' and cracked up. so of course ive had 'la vie bohem' stuck in my head since then. :-P

im being taken advantage of by a very dear friend and its putting a major strain on our relationship. im allowing it cause i really love this person and dont want them out of my life. unfortunately, everyday the mistreatment continues makes it easier for me to walk away.

im trying my hand at basic embroidery (yeah cause i need more craft stuff cluttering up th house and driving Tedibear crazy!!! lol) it looks cute so far.....

i still think i will like needlepunch more, but i need diff/better fabric

im thinking bout putting an ad on craigslist for piecework sewing, i gotta buy more craft supplies!! ;-P

im mega nervous that my swap partner will hate what im making her........

i think thats it for now, gonna try and turn in early-ish tonite, i iz a tizrd puppy!!

elephant shoes!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

5-25-11 update

ok last count was 256.......

- 2 plaid candle holders for a gift
- 85 grannys daughter squares!! (lots of time on th bus ;-P)
- 1 pair of 'spankie'-ish shorts to wear under skirts (took apart a pair that was dying to make th pattern, adapted it a smidge to have longer legs)
- 1 pair of pants based off another pair i had, that was a fail tho. used a woven instead of a knit and they were too small. luckily i can reuse th fab!!
- 2 tops cut out (need white thread for th serger before i can sew those up)
- 1 49square patchwork pillow, another gift

oh my goodness, that puts me at 349!!! i am almost there!!! so very close!!

elephant shoes!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

weird factiod

in 20 + years of sewing i have yet to sew through my finger, something that seems to happen more than you would think. BUT, i have impaled myself with th seam ripper more times than i can count!!!

weird i kno. but im admitting it here and now ;-P

elephant shoes!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

wisty goodness

oh. my. goodness. if im lost, im probably surfing the wist site!! i signed up cause i was considering doing swaps on crafster, and once we get internet at th house i am totally in trouble cause i will be overloading their servers with things i want to save!! as of right now i can only re-wist things other ppl have wisted. but it is a great way to keep track of things i love or want or want to try making! have i mentioned its awesome and i love it?? lol

ps, i did sign up for my first swap, bout to go contact my partner! im so nervous!! but excited too! i hope im not too weird for her!!

elephant shoes!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

th things you see on th bus.......

can get interesting! like yesterday, there were homeless people (who were dressed better and had better phones than me) talking bout how they only 'work' a few hours a day so they have beer money. or the lady that went off on th bus driver for being rude to her because he didnt change th bus sign fast enough to suit her (i had to say something there because he was actually very polite to her and she was saying she was going to get him fired). or th girl that talked NON STOP for 45 mins straight!!

things like that are why i normally carry a book or an easy to transport craft with me so i dont get drawn into conversations. but you cant help overhearing things! oh like th fact that there was a quadruple homicide in our neighborhood!! yeah i kno right? scary stuff!!

anyway, im off again today, wonder what i'll see/hear this time!

elephant shoes!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

and th winner is........


she won a set of fridge magnets for suggesting a theme. i'll get in touch with you soon hon. for those of you that didnt win, you can still purchase them. 75¢ each or 5 for $4, there are also theme packs for $10 and $20 that have 20 and 30 magnets each. let me kno what you are interested in.

elephant shoes!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

way past update time!!

oh goodness i could have sworn i updated before now!! last count was 123.......

-12 felted dryer balls
- 75 fridge magnets (i even gave some away!)
-15 grannys daughter squares (but i think im doing them wrong, gotta check on that)
- a small needlepunch sampler (got th wrong kind of fabric tho, gotta fix that soon)
-3 pieces for th start of my hoopla wall (they are iron on designs that i painted with fabric paint and rhinestones)
-25 pebble magnets
- 2 more decopauged candle holders

and a few more things prepped ;-P im really proud of myself, ive been a busy lil beaver!!! this brings my grand total to................256!!!!! i think i will probably way excede my goal for the year!! woohoo! go me!! lol

elephant shoes!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

i should probably.......

provide a way for yall to see my pics instead of just teasing huh? its photobucket, and my name there is rainbowsewist. thats also my twitter name if your interested......

and this is my 50th post!! woohoo!

elephant shoes!!

a giveaway of sorts

so i put this on my fb, so those of you that suggested stuff there dont have to comment here. but im looking for help here guys..... im asking for suggestions for words for fridge magnets. general themes work too, just no words over 8 letters. everyone that makes a suggestion will go into a drawing for a set of magnets! so suggest away and good luck!