Tuesday, May 31, 2011

blah blah blah 5-31-11

none of these are complete enough, or long enough for their own post so im consolidating.......

today on th bus Tedibear was asked if we were sisters........ we looked at each other and both said 'hey mister, we're sisters' and cracked up. so of course ive had 'la vie bohem' stuck in my head since then. :-P

im being taken advantage of by a very dear friend and its putting a major strain on our relationship. im allowing it cause i really love this person and dont want them out of my life. unfortunately, everyday the mistreatment continues makes it easier for me to walk away.

im trying my hand at basic embroidery (yeah cause i need more craft stuff cluttering up th house and driving Tedibear crazy!!! lol) it looks cute so far.....

i still think i will like needlepunch more, but i need diff/better fabric

im thinking bout putting an ad on craigslist for piecework sewing, i gotta buy more craft supplies!! ;-P

im mega nervous that my swap partner will hate what im making her........

i think thats it for now, gonna try and turn in early-ish tonite, i iz a tizrd puppy!!

elephant shoes!!!

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