Wednesday, May 18, 2011

th things you see on th bus.......

can get interesting! like yesterday, there were homeless people (who were dressed better and had better phones than me) talking bout how they only 'work' a few hours a day so they have beer money. or the lady that went off on th bus driver for being rude to her because he didnt change th bus sign fast enough to suit her (i had to say something there because he was actually very polite to her and she was saying she was going to get him fired). or th girl that talked NON STOP for 45 mins straight!!

things like that are why i normally carry a book or an easy to transport craft with me so i dont get drawn into conversations. but you cant help overhearing things! oh like th fact that there was a quadruple homicide in our neighborhood!! yeah i kno right? scary stuff!!

anyway, im off again today, wonder what i'll see/hear this time!

elephant shoes!!

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