Sunday, February 27, 2011

crafty funk

ugh. im in a bit of a crafty funk right now :-(

got a few projects going but just dont have th motivation to finish them. i'll pick something up and work on it for a min or so then put it down cause i just get bored.

its driving me crazy!!

i kno part of it is anticipation for th move. and a big part of it is i want to sew a few things but i still havent made it to a store to get thread so i cant.

what do you do to get yourself out of a funk??

elephant shoes!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

its th little things that make you smile

theres nothing like layen back to back in bed with your spouse and poking each other on facebook before you have even spoken to each other.

goddness i love this woman!! :-)

to do list overload

im gonna have to ground myself from th net and blogs for a bit. i keep seeing all this cute stuff to make and do!! and then i have to argue wit myself.
- thats so cute! i have to try it!
-no, we are broke and you cant buy new supplies
- but its so cute! it wouldnt take much!
- where would you put it? it doesnt match your decor.
- but its CUTE!!
- yes it is but NO!

yeah, that really goes on in my head sometimes (and sometimes with more voices ;-P). and rational voice doesnt always win, so i ask Teddibear, and we have basically th same discussion, but i have a better chance of sticking to no if she helps. what doesnt work is when she is weak to th pout and tries to say yes, then i have to make her be mean. lol. imma be in trouble when we move and start having more monies!! it will be harder for her to say no cause she spoils me! (that was bragging not complaining btw!)

elephant shoes!!

you make me laugh

since this is real me all th time and im not hiding th downside to life i had to get this off my chest.

your pathetic attempts to act like you are better than me make me laugh! you can shoot all th dirty looks you want, you can make things up to try and make me look bad, you can do your worst. none of it will work. i kno th truth (and so do you) and thats all that matters in th long run. and anyone that just believes you without bothering to come to me doesnt really matter in th long run. life is too short to waste it on small minded ppl like you and your friends. just remember, karma is a bitch!

see, write it down and get it out, feels better and helps you let go.

did it!

i had to do a bit of robbing peter to pay paul, but i got th deposit for th apt! got th apps all filled out, and gave it to my 'sis' to turn in for us today!! now its finger crossing time. not that im worried, but it doesnt hurt right?? :-)

i hate moving, but i cant wait!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

trains, and snakes and turkeys oh my!

so Tedibear suprised me with a photo shoot today. a friend of ours is an amateur photographer and she took us out to finally take some 'couple' pics. we have plenty of pics of us together but none that are 'arty'. i REALLY wish i could post pics on here cause i finally had some pictures taken of me that i like!! of course, being our lives, there was some excitement, first when we were at th train tracks, a train came by, loud and close! then we went to this beautiful cemetery we know of and as Y was going to th next spot she wanted to photograph us she almost stepped on a copperhead! it struck at her and at Tedibear both! THEN, as we were leaving th cemetery, a gang of turkeys (they even had tiny turkey switchblades!!! :-P) tried to run us off th road!! i was afraid for my life! lol!

we survived tho. and had a great time. and like i said, i really like some of th pics of me she took. now we just need to go have them printed up, ive got some cute frames ive been saving, and th new place has a great wall for our new pics.

and maybe my mom will finally take th pic of my ex off her fridge. of course that would mean she has to accept me as a lesbian so im not holding my breath.

elephant shoes!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

v-day craziness

ok so im going to admit right here and now, i dont get th hype over vday. just like my beef with xmas, why is there only ONE day a year that you're supposed to go all out showing your someone special how much you love them?? its so much more fun to spoil those special ppl love year round. for example, Teddibear brings me flowers at least twice a month, no they arent roses, but then i dont really like roses so she brings me wild flowers, or my new favorite - tulips!! and i make her stuff all th time to show her i love her, seriously, our bedroom is like a shrine to love, its almost sickening how sweet it is!! lol. and if you dont have a sweetie, then spread th love to your friends! or learn to make fake ( duct tape, fabric, paper, etc) flowers and take them to a nursing home, or make blankets or scarves to donate to th homless.

so my point is, make EVERYDAY vday. life is way too short to not share th love in your heart!!

365 update 2/15/11

last count was 78! not bad for only 2 months into th year huh?

what ive done since th last checkin
- 2 styrofoam balls covered with conversation hearts for v-day.
- a pretty for Teddibear (not completely finished yet but will be today!)
- 1 embellished hat, i took one of (i have 7 so far!!) my fedoras and used a tulip butterfly stencil and glitter fabric paint to make it even prettier!! Teddibear posted it on her facebook (she loves to brag on me for some reason!! lol) and i got more than a few compliments!

so that takes me up to 82 things made so far. im hoping to get a bunch of stuff done this week, cause then we have to start packing!!! woohoo! kinda, i really hate moving!! but im looking forward to new opportunities!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


i had to get Tedibear off to work at 7 this morning, and havent been able to get back to sleep. and on my last trip to th frozen tundra that is my kitchen (with no central heat th common areas get cold if we dont have th space heaters in there) i noticed an issue and that started my brain rolling so this is about a few love hate relationships i have.....

1. Toe Socks! - and kinda socks in general. first off i have to say, feet r GROSS!! i dont like feet at all. but i LOVE cute socks! (i guess my thinking is cover ugly with pretty?? lol!!) esp toesocks, they keep my feet warmer in th winter. but, and here comes th hate part, i have deformed pinkie toes, comes from breaking both my pinkie toes at least 3 times each (in fact toes are the only bones i have ever broken!). so when i wear toesocks they dont ever stay on my deformed pinkie toes so my socks feel weird and that drives me crazy!! esp since i just got rh cutest pair of rainbow fuzzy toesocks!! and then we move on to knee high socks. oh how i love wearing capri pants with wild print knee socks!! but alas, marching band and genes make that difficult as well. my sausage legs are too big for most socks :-( at least i figured out a pattern to make my own out of knit fabric. infact, i think im gonna cut out a few pairs today so i can make them this weekend when i get more serger thread!!

oh goodness, almost out of room, guess i'll continue this later, gonna try and take a nap.

elephant shoes!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

fingers crossed

so, we have wanted to get out of this rinky-dink, podunk, homophobic, uptight, horrible town ever since we moved here. 2 yrs ago. really. but things always got in th way, we had shitty jobs so couldnt afford to save money, we couldnt find anything in our price range that met our requirements (we have 2 fur-babies) etc, etc, blah blah blah. BUT om a firm believer in listening to th universe, so if probs came up then it wasnt th right time.

it looks like it might finally be th right time!! some close friends (my 'sister' and his boyfriend) just moved into an apt in Ft Worth, its gay friendly, pet friendly, on th bus line, close to everywhere we want to be, and they are offering first month free rent!! we are going to check it out on saturday when Tedibear is off.

we have been dealing with so much lately, and im not saying this move would fix all those issues, but it would help ease th stress from them ALOT!! and it sounds like th universe is saying 'its time'. im not looking forward to having to go back to work tho, ive gotten spoiled by getting to stay home, but th extra monies would be nice to spoil th family with!! ;-P

so cross everything you can cross that things continue to go so smoothly for us please.

elephant shoes!

Monday, February 7, 2011

365 update

last checkin i was at 45 items made, here's th newest things to add to th list:

- made 8 more fridge magnets (im trying to cover our fridge :-P) these ones arent bottle caps tho, i tried a new style that im very very proud of! im sure someone in blogland has done them before, but i havent seen it, im gonna make more and try my hand at a tutorial.
- i made Th Boy a knitted hat, hes already requested another one! lol
- 17 bean bags (would have been much more but i ran out of serger thread :-( ) 6 for a friends baby and th rest for us ;-P
- 3 more rice foot warmers, one of them is much bigger, i kinda like it more.
- 4 jean-seam coasters, found th idea on favcrafts, Tedibear loves them! not that we really use coasters in this house but i had th seams so i figured why not? lol
- and i started an ambitious project, im making heavy curtains for th bedroom (i like it cave dark since i sleep better during th day) out of old jeans and backing it with a wide wale cord i found a while back. ive got 52 8" squares cut so far. just need more thread to get them sewn together.

that takes my total to 78 (not counting th curtains yet) now im gonna go work on th rainbow blankie :-)

elephant shoes!!