Thursday, February 10, 2011


i had to get Tedibear off to work at 7 this morning, and havent been able to get back to sleep. and on my last trip to th frozen tundra that is my kitchen (with no central heat th common areas get cold if we dont have th space heaters in there) i noticed an issue and that started my brain rolling so this is about a few love hate relationships i have.....

1. Toe Socks! - and kinda socks in general. first off i have to say, feet r GROSS!! i dont like feet at all. but i LOVE cute socks! (i guess my thinking is cover ugly with pretty?? lol!!) esp toesocks, they keep my feet warmer in th winter. but, and here comes th hate part, i have deformed pinkie toes, comes from breaking both my pinkie toes at least 3 times each (in fact toes are the only bones i have ever broken!). so when i wear toesocks they dont ever stay on my deformed pinkie toes so my socks feel weird and that drives me crazy!! esp since i just got rh cutest pair of rainbow fuzzy toesocks!! and then we move on to knee high socks. oh how i love wearing capri pants with wild print knee socks!! but alas, marching band and genes make that difficult as well. my sausage legs are too big for most socks :-( at least i figured out a pattern to make my own out of knit fabric. infact, i think im gonna cut out a few pairs today so i can make them this weekend when i get more serger thread!!

oh goodness, almost out of room, guess i'll continue this later, gonna try and take a nap.

elephant shoes!!

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