Tuesday, February 15, 2011

365 update 2/15/11

last count was 78! not bad for only 2 months into th year huh?

what ive done since th last checkin
- 2 styrofoam balls covered with conversation hearts for v-day.
- a pretty for Teddibear (not completely finished yet but will be today!)
- 1 embellished hat, i took one of (i have 7 so far!!) my fedoras and used a tulip butterfly stencil and glitter fabric paint to make it even prettier!! Teddibear posted it on her facebook (she loves to brag on me for some reason!! lol) and i got more than a few compliments!

so that takes me up to 82 things made so far. im hoping to get a bunch of stuff done this week, cause then we have to start packing!!! woohoo! kinda, i really hate moving!! but im looking forward to new opportunities!!

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