Saturday, February 26, 2011

to do list overload

im gonna have to ground myself from th net and blogs for a bit. i keep seeing all this cute stuff to make and do!! and then i have to argue wit myself.
- thats so cute! i have to try it!
-no, we are broke and you cant buy new supplies
- but its so cute! it wouldnt take much!
- where would you put it? it doesnt match your decor.
- but its CUTE!!
- yes it is but NO!

yeah, that really goes on in my head sometimes (and sometimes with more voices ;-P). and rational voice doesnt always win, so i ask Teddibear, and we have basically th same discussion, but i have a better chance of sticking to no if she helps. what doesnt work is when she is weak to th pout and tries to say yes, then i have to make her be mean. lol. imma be in trouble when we move and start having more monies!! it will be harder for her to say no cause she spoils me! (that was bragging not complaining btw!)

elephant shoes!!

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