Monday, February 7, 2011

365 update

last checkin i was at 45 items made, here's th newest things to add to th list:

- made 8 more fridge magnets (im trying to cover our fridge :-P) these ones arent bottle caps tho, i tried a new style that im very very proud of! im sure someone in blogland has done them before, but i havent seen it, im gonna make more and try my hand at a tutorial.
- i made Th Boy a knitted hat, hes already requested another one! lol
- 17 bean bags (would have been much more but i ran out of serger thread :-( ) 6 for a friends baby and th rest for us ;-P
- 3 more rice foot warmers, one of them is much bigger, i kinda like it more.
- 4 jean-seam coasters, found th idea on favcrafts, Tedibear loves them! not that we really use coasters in this house but i had th seams so i figured why not? lol
- and i started an ambitious project, im making heavy curtains for th bedroom (i like it cave dark since i sleep better during th day) out of old jeans and backing it with a wide wale cord i found a while back. ive got 52 8" squares cut so far. just need more thread to get them sewn together.

that takes my total to 78 (not counting th curtains yet) now im gonna go work on th rainbow blankie :-)

elephant shoes!!

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