Friday, April 29, 2011

having a bit part in my past does NOT entitle you to a part in my present or future!!

ugh, so someone from my past just found me on facebook. sent Tedibear and i both friend requests. Tedibear approved her cause she didnt kno who this girl was (we used to call her by a nickname). i waited till i could form a polite brush off letter. then she posts bout how ppl need to forgive and forget and let th past back into their lives, and i quit worrying bout being polite. i told her we didnt have anything in common back then and i doubted we did now so i didnt see any point in being friends now, even on fb. forgive and forget right? there wasnt anything to forgive (we were trying to date but then i met Tedibear) we just didnt work out, but i had deffinately forgotten her, i wished her th best but told her there wasnt room in my life for her.

she came back with this rambling piece of crap that made very little sense and made my head hurt. how we might not have anything in common but we might in th future and what was i afraid of, then she was whining bout it again on her status update.

one, i wanna kno how her girl, who shes 'so in love and finally complete' with feels bout her begging an ex-lay to be friends again.
and two - omg really?? grow up! we talked for like 3 weeks (3yrs ago!!) and i could barely stand you then, (esp after she started saying 'i love you' in th first week!!). im not afraid of anything, i just dont like you!!! i tried to say that nicely but she didnt get it so now i gotta be mean. contrary to popular opinion, i dont like being mean. i just have no prob doing it when confronted with stupidity. if ppl wouldnt be stupid i wouldnt be mean.

ugh!! anyway, rant over. back to crafting, and posting my first giveaway!! :-D

elephant shoes!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

i did it!! well kinda.....

so i figured out a way to show pics of th stuff im making!! i set up a photobucket account. so now i can send th pics there from my phone! :-D ive got a pic of my pink discoball fedora for now, will work on getting th rest of my stuff shot and uploaded tomorrow. woohoo im so proud of myself right now!! stay tuned for more updates!

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

well that didnt work....

yeah i said i was gonna post everyday, and didnt. :-P i suck i kno. this is one of th reasons i dont do new years resolutions, i always have th best intentions (they make such great paving material!).... follow thru? not so much. actually thats not true, that should be timely follow thru, cause i do get things done, it just takes me a bit sometimes. procrastinators of th world unite!! ...... tomorrow! ;-P

ive been kinda productive this week tho, got th items from my last post done, prepped 50 new fridge magnets, tried my hand at granny daughter squares (fun for scraps, prob gonna try for a blankie out of these), got th supplies for a few more projects on my list, got to hang with th Mime and touch base with old friends. oh and got 2 orders for discoball hats!! woohoo!!

back to work

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

crafty utopia ~ 365 in 2011 4/20

well i only got 30 mins to shop at hobby lobby on monday, but i actually managed to get most of th stuff i wanted!! it helped that Tedibear and th Mime went and got stuff off th list while i was getting some fabric cut! lol!!

so i was up to 106 things made....
- got 12 round bean bags mostly made, still have to hand sew 8 of them closed, but 4 are totally done!
- 2 mod pauged candle holders - layers of 1in tissue paper circles
- a crocheted washcloth for Tedibear and a handtowel sized one for me from leftover cotton yarn
- and started on th green rhinestone fedora, im counting it cause im almost done with it :-P

so that takes th grand total up to....... drum roll please.......... 123 things!!! woohoo!! go me!!

back to crafting!

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

th actual list!! :-)

so heres th list i just put on craftster

- wool dryer balls, how i hadnt discovered these before is beyond me!! hopefully i can find th wool in a rainbow, and if my set works im totally making more for present day gifts!
- a cd mosaic disco ball! found th tute on spazztastic crafts i think. basically u cut up a bunch of cds and glue them to a styrofoam ball! Tedibear says i can only do one this month but if it works im so making more!!!
- discoballify more fedoras! green is next on th list, then i plan on making myself one a month til i run out of rhinestones!
- patchwork pants from th bag-o-scraps i got last month
- round beanbags for Th Boy. used a cd for th shape, and some bluebonnet fabric that was in th scrap bag, got thoes cut out tonite, gonna sew them up tomorrow.
- aquire some maternity and baby patterns. not for me, for th DIL!! yeppers imma gonna get a granbaby!!!
- find the fabric for a beanbag chair for Th Boy
-FINALLY finish th rainbow blankie for Tedibear
- scrappy fabric flowers, got some cut out just need to sew together

these werent on th craftster list but i want to try and fit them in
- more bottlecap fridge magnets
- bottlecap tealight candles, in rainbow as favors for friends at pride this year
- attempt resin jewelry, im at least gonna get th supplies during my shopping spree!
- at least get th bottles painted for my halloween display, ive got a ton of beer bottles that i saved from a party last month and Tedibear washed them all and removed th labels for me, yeah, im spoiled, im lucky i kno!!
- finish th piece for th yarnbombing i have planned

i think thats it for this month, now ive got to make my shopping list for next week!! i cant wait!!

elephant shoes!!

want to do's for april

so i joined craftster, and they have a 50 in 2011 craftalong going on, so i joined that to help keep me on track for my 365 in 2011 goal. i was kinda nervous jumping in cause most of them have been posting since th begining of th year, i kinda feel like th new kid in school, but they are a friendly group so im sure there is nothing to worry bout! i went thru th whole thread before i posted (over 3000 posts!!!) and i got LOTS of new ideas for things i wanna try!! and since im finally getting my settlement check from my wreck (that happened in 07!!!) i get to go shopping for new supplies next week!! Tedibear has been so cute, i asked if i could get somethings and she keeps saying 'its ur money hon, u can do whatever u want' (th wreck happened before we met), i think she still hasnt fully accepted that im an our money type of gurl, not a ur money and my money type. although i am totally getting a lil bit in ones for my allowance!!! lol! see, anytime we have cash, if there are any ones then i get them as my allowance that i can spend however i want no questions asked, but that way we also always have emergency gas monies if we run out before payday ;-P

and ive totally gone off on a few tagents so i will have to do another post with the actual list of things i want to do this month.... its next

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Friday, April 15, 2011

kinda 365 but not really......

not yet at least. we got th last disc of Lost season 3 today, so i prepped a few things but i didnt actually finish them so they dont count yet. ;-P

im also working on getting my wip and plan to do lists in order. ive been cruising thru craftsters boards and getting all kinds of new ideas!! got some good ones for some present day gifts! i cant wait!! but for tonight im going to try and get to bed early (3 instead of 5 like its been lately) but i wanted to check in here first, another one of the goals is to post every day, even when i have nothing important to say ;-)

nite nite

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

so bummed!!

so i open opera mini (an app on my phone that has th rss feed) yesterday to catch up on my 60+ blogs i read. to find them all gone!!! it so totally sucks!! and of course i dont remember what all of them were called so its gonna take me a while to get them all back. but this time i think im gonna 'follow' everyone thru blogger as well so if this happens again i can find everyone!

elephant shoes!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

365 In 2011 ~ 4/10

last count was 104......

ive been sick so i havent done as much as i wanted to :-(

- i did my first attempt at quilting, kinda. its a pillow but i pieced the 2.5" squares together so im calling it quilting. i need to work on lining up th seams better, but for my first attempt im pretty darn proud of it!!
- i disco- balled a fedora!! ive been threatening to do this for a while and i finally did!! i used my pink rhinestones and pink sparklie fabric paint and im so fucken proud of it! cant wait til i feel better so i can wear it out! and i totally plan on making a few more! will even try my hand at selling them!!

so that only takes me to 104, ive gotta get busy if im gonna make this goal!!!

elephant shoes!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

i wish you would want better for yourself.......

it is always so hard to see a loved one in an abusive relationship. ive been there and kno how hard it is to get out of. i think thats why i have such a hard time when someone i love goes back into one after trying to get out of it. it brings back everything i went through. and i normally end up having to distance myself from my loved one because it hurts and makes me so angry knowing that they are being mistreated but they think that because they love the other person they have to give them another chance. i understand loving someone completely, but you have to love yourself first. and sometimes that measn saying 'i love you but you dont love me back in the way that i deserve so we cant be together' and thats hard, trust me i know how hard that is! but you deserve so much better!! there is someone out there that will love you back just as much as you love them! and they wont hit you, or constantly tell you you are worthless, or cheat on you and blame you for their cheating, or tell you your opinion doesnt matter and they are going to do whatever they want no matter how much it hurts you.

i love you, and i will always be here for you, i just wish you wanted better for yourself!

elephant shoes!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

365 in 2011 ~ 4/1

last count was 102.....

i didnt do much, just finished th skirt i talked bout, and made th matching top. its an awesome stretch lace i found at joanns back in october, black with metallic pale green splatters all over it. it was gorgeous and on sale for only $3/yd!! so Tedibear let me splurge and get 5 yds. then i had this lime green fabric that i had gotten at walmart when they were clearancing out th fabric dept, got a bolt of 20 yds for $5! for th skirt i used part of a pirate costume pattern, its a 1/4 circle, but i cut 3 on th fold, so its basically a 1 1/2 circle skirt. i layered th lace over th green then added a (new to me technique) yoga waist, this way i can adjust th length of th skirt as i want ;-). th top is just a chemise really, and i did it out of just th lace. i ran out of fabric for th sleeves so they are only half instead of full length gathered at th wrist, but thats ok, i kinda like them better that way.

so that brings th total to 104. i had plans to make pants out of th green but i seem to have come down with th walking death :-(

elephant shoes!!