Saturday, April 16, 2011

th actual list!! :-)

so heres th list i just put on craftster

- wool dryer balls, how i hadnt discovered these before is beyond me!! hopefully i can find th wool in a rainbow, and if my set works im totally making more for present day gifts!
- a cd mosaic disco ball! found th tute on spazztastic crafts i think. basically u cut up a bunch of cds and glue them to a styrofoam ball! Tedibear says i can only do one this month but if it works im so making more!!!
- discoballify more fedoras! green is next on th list, then i plan on making myself one a month til i run out of rhinestones!
- patchwork pants from th bag-o-scraps i got last month
- round beanbags for Th Boy. used a cd for th shape, and some bluebonnet fabric that was in th scrap bag, got thoes cut out tonite, gonna sew them up tomorrow.
- aquire some maternity and baby patterns. not for me, for th DIL!! yeppers imma gonna get a granbaby!!!
- find the fabric for a beanbag chair for Th Boy
-FINALLY finish th rainbow blankie for Tedibear
- scrappy fabric flowers, got some cut out just need to sew together

these werent on th craftster list but i want to try and fit them in
- more bottlecap fridge magnets
- bottlecap tealight candles, in rainbow as favors for friends at pride this year
- attempt resin jewelry, im at least gonna get th supplies during my shopping spree!
- at least get th bottles painted for my halloween display, ive got a ton of beer bottles that i saved from a party last month and Tedibear washed them all and removed th labels for me, yeah, im spoiled, im lucky i kno!!
- finish th piece for th yarnbombing i have planned

i think thats it for this month, now ive got to make my shopping list for next week!! i cant wait!!

elephant shoes!!

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