Friday, April 1, 2011

365 in 2011 ~ 4/1

last count was 102.....

i didnt do much, just finished th skirt i talked bout, and made th matching top. its an awesome stretch lace i found at joanns back in october, black with metallic pale green splatters all over it. it was gorgeous and on sale for only $3/yd!! so Tedibear let me splurge and get 5 yds. then i had this lime green fabric that i had gotten at walmart when they were clearancing out th fabric dept, got a bolt of 20 yds for $5! for th skirt i used part of a pirate costume pattern, its a 1/4 circle, but i cut 3 on th fold, so its basically a 1 1/2 circle skirt. i layered th lace over th green then added a (new to me technique) yoga waist, this way i can adjust th length of th skirt as i want ;-). th top is just a chemise really, and i did it out of just th lace. i ran out of fabric for th sleeves so they are only half instead of full length gathered at th wrist, but thats ok, i kinda like them better that way.

so that brings th total to 104. i had plans to make pants out of th green but i seem to have come down with th walking death :-(

elephant shoes!!

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