Saturday, April 16, 2011

want to do's for april

so i joined craftster, and they have a 50 in 2011 craftalong going on, so i joined that to help keep me on track for my 365 in 2011 goal. i was kinda nervous jumping in cause most of them have been posting since th begining of th year, i kinda feel like th new kid in school, but they are a friendly group so im sure there is nothing to worry bout! i went thru th whole thread before i posted (over 3000 posts!!!) and i got LOTS of new ideas for things i wanna try!! and since im finally getting my settlement check from my wreck (that happened in 07!!!) i get to go shopping for new supplies next week!! Tedibear has been so cute, i asked if i could get somethings and she keeps saying 'its ur money hon, u can do whatever u want' (th wreck happened before we met), i think she still hasnt fully accepted that im an our money type of gurl, not a ur money and my money type. although i am totally getting a lil bit in ones for my allowance!!! lol! see, anytime we have cash, if there are any ones then i get them as my allowance that i can spend however i want no questions asked, but that way we also always have emergency gas monies if we run out before payday ;-P

and ive totally gone off on a few tagents so i will have to do another post with the actual list of things i want to do this month.... its next

elephant shoes!!!

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