Sunday, April 10, 2011

365 In 2011 ~ 4/10

last count was 104......

ive been sick so i havent done as much as i wanted to :-(

- i did my first attempt at quilting, kinda. its a pillow but i pieced the 2.5" squares together so im calling it quilting. i need to work on lining up th seams better, but for my first attempt im pretty darn proud of it!!
- i disco- balled a fedora!! ive been threatening to do this for a while and i finally did!! i used my pink rhinestones and pink sparklie fabric paint and im so fucken proud of it! cant wait til i feel better so i can wear it out! and i totally plan on making a few more! will even try my hand at selling them!!

so that only takes me to 104, ive gotta get busy if im gonna make this goal!!!

elephant shoes!

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