Friday, April 29, 2011

having a bit part in my past does NOT entitle you to a part in my present or future!!

ugh, so someone from my past just found me on facebook. sent Tedibear and i both friend requests. Tedibear approved her cause she didnt kno who this girl was (we used to call her by a nickname). i waited till i could form a polite brush off letter. then she posts bout how ppl need to forgive and forget and let th past back into their lives, and i quit worrying bout being polite. i told her we didnt have anything in common back then and i doubted we did now so i didnt see any point in being friends now, even on fb. forgive and forget right? there wasnt anything to forgive (we were trying to date but then i met Tedibear) we just didnt work out, but i had deffinately forgotten her, i wished her th best but told her there wasnt room in my life for her.

she came back with this rambling piece of crap that made very little sense and made my head hurt. how we might not have anything in common but we might in th future and what was i afraid of, then she was whining bout it again on her status update.

one, i wanna kno how her girl, who shes 'so in love and finally complete' with feels bout her begging an ex-lay to be friends again.
and two - omg really?? grow up! we talked for like 3 weeks (3yrs ago!!) and i could barely stand you then, (esp after she started saying 'i love you' in th first week!!). im not afraid of anything, i just dont like you!!! i tried to say that nicely but she didnt get it so now i gotta be mean. contrary to popular opinion, i dont like being mean. i just have no prob doing it when confronted with stupidity. if ppl wouldnt be stupid i wouldnt be mean.

ugh!! anyway, rant over. back to crafting, and posting my first giveaway!! :-D

elephant shoes!!

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