Saturday, September 24, 2011

swaps and such

if you are here from craftster please dont think im ignoring you or that ive flaked. im having issues with my phone again and havent been able to stay online very long. (this post has taken 5 tries) i will have a ride to th library on monday to be able to properly contact everyone i need too. i am so very sorry about this!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

i have a confession......

and an epiphany

so there is a monthly bday swap going on, and since my bday is th 13th i joined. and watch ppl get claimed left, right, and sideways. but not me. so i had a moment of 'poor me, no one likes me'. then i got over my pity party and decided since i like giving pressies as much as i like getting them, my bday pressie to myself is that im going to claim as many ppl as i can and not worry bout whether or not i get claimed at all. ive made my first claim already, got to do some shopping and get it in th mail by th 19th.

elephant shoes!!