Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fabric Fondling

so we had to take Tedibear to dallas for training for a job lead, and it just happened to be behind one of my fav fabric outlets!! oh i was in fabric heaven!! i splurged and bought a HUGE bag of end cuts for only $7!! this bag was taller than i am!! i spent th last few days going thru it, it was so much fun! every piece was about a yard, a few were 1/2 yd, but there are so many!!! i see more than a few patchwork skirts and maybe pants in my future. plus a few outfits for th furbabies!! oh my, i feel th funk lifting, im looking forward to sewing again!!

elephant shoes!!

365 in 2011 ~ 3/26

last count was 90 things

- 12 more beanbags!
- started a skirt, not finished yet but its gonna be oh so pretty!! im not counting it yet cause its not done, i just wanted to brag bout it! ;-P

so th total so far is 102!!! im so proud of myself!! :-)

elephant shoes!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

no more fb haitus

so my little haitus is over, and with th exception of getting on once to add a biz contact i really did stay off fb for 10 days! :-)

we are settling into th new place, and loving every sec of being back in ft wth!! we hit th spring break parties at th club and my sis-in-law won th sexiest pool wear contest! and i let them talk me into wearing my swimwear to th club (gasp! no worries, i wore one of Tedibears shirts over so too much wasnt exposed!! lol). and we connected with a couple that we never thoight we would get along with cause of ex drama, but we do! and we had a blast hanging wit them!

now imma be an old lady and spend th rest of th day not doing much of anything!! ;-P

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

so glad thats done!!

all moved in. have i mentioned how much i hate moving?? it sucks!! and not in th fun meet me in a hotel room in 15 mins kinda way!! UGH!! there were fights and tears and lots of sore muscles!

but we are done for now thankfully. i say we should just leave everything in boxes since we plan on moving in a yr anyway, but Tedibear says no. i think in some ways unpacking is worse. i mean yeah we have a big 2 bdrm, but we had a 3 bdrm trailer, so not everything fits! we will manage somehow tho im sure. maybe :-/

ive got to make th curtain for our room tho, th evil burning day star comes up WAY too early!! lol

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

its moving day!!!!!

its finally here! and it couldnt come at a better time! th old landlord is getting stupid so it is deffinately time to be gone! more on that later, now im only focusing on th positive which is we will be out of here today!!


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Thursday, March 10, 2011

giving up......

ha ha! had you for a min huh? no worries, im talking bout Lenten Season. now we all kno im not xtian, so i dont really observe Lent, but Th Boy and i are challenging each other. i feel (as is only natural as his mother ;-P) that he spends too much time on th playstation, so i (half)jokingly said he should give up th ps2 for lent. he came back with 'you should give up cigs or facebook or something else you need to live'! well since its not safe for others if i give up smoking (i kill a lot less ppl if i canntake a smoke break and calm down!! lol) i agreed to give up facebook. and since neither one of us are xtian or masochists we decided 10 days was a fair amount of time. so i turned off my txt notifications and hid my icon on my phone, and then took th controller for th ps2 at midnite last nite. so no more fb for me til next saturday at midnite. its ok tho, im pretty sure he will crack before i do!! lol!

elephant shoes!!

365 in 2011 ~ 3/10

so, last check in was 78 things made.... im dropping that to 77 for th moment cause i took apart one of th styrofoam balls to try a different project.

so 77 plus.....

- 8 more disco balls! found some more beads while packing and luckily i bought like 15 packages of xmas balls on clearance! now just have to figure out where we are gonna hang them in th new place!
- 5 loom knitted easter eggs. i found th pattern on line (i kno, i really need to get better at keeping track of where i find things so i can give proper credit! bad Princess!!) and they make up super quick, i made 3 while Tedibeae and i were watching a movie. ive been using th leftover yarn from th rainbow blankie so yes i do have rainbow eggs :-P

which brings th grand total to 90!! and most all my crafty stuffs is packed now so im on hiatus til we get better moved in. which is ok cause i can still feel th funk hanging around :-( just not as strong as before :-)

elephant shoes!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

have i mentioned.....

that i hate packing?? oh my goodness!! it is amazing how much shit you can accumulate in just 2 short yrs!! im trying to be good and get rid of stuffs as i pack, but i am part packrat so im prob not getting rid of as much as i should/could be. oh well, i'll try again as i unpack some of it.

th date got moved up, we figured it would be better to move on th weekend. oh and we sold th van. we had a van, i loved that van, but it was overheating pretty badly and we havent even touched it in forever, and we need th money to move. so i put an ad on craigslist. last nite. got over 20 inquiries in bout 2 hrs. small bidding war. and its gone and we gotz a few extra benjamins in our hot little hands!!! woohoo!

so i went grocery shoppen. how sad is it that porkchops and stuffing feel like a major splurge? :-P anyway, im maken Tedibear shake and bake chops, stuffing and green beans tonite!! YUM!!

elephant shoes!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

happy dance time!!!!!

we got approved for th apt!! we move on th 15th!!! life is looking up!!

elephant shoes!