Sunday, March 20, 2011

no more fb haitus

so my little haitus is over, and with th exception of getting on once to add a biz contact i really did stay off fb for 10 days! :-)

we are settling into th new place, and loving every sec of being back in ft wth!! we hit th spring break parties at th club and my sis-in-law won th sexiest pool wear contest! and i let them talk me into wearing my swimwear to th club (gasp! no worries, i wore one of Tedibears shirts over so too much wasnt exposed!! lol). and we connected with a couple that we never thoight we would get along with cause of ex drama, but we do! and we had a blast hanging wit them!

now imma be an old lady and spend th rest of th day not doing much of anything!! ;-P

elephant shoes!!

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