Tuesday, March 8, 2011

have i mentioned.....

that i hate packing?? oh my goodness!! it is amazing how much shit you can accumulate in just 2 short yrs!! im trying to be good and get rid of stuffs as i pack, but i am part packrat so im prob not getting rid of as much as i should/could be. oh well, i'll try again as i unpack some of it.

th date got moved up, we figured it would be better to move on th weekend. oh and we sold th van. we had a van, i loved that van, but it was overheating pretty badly and we havent even touched it in forever, and we need th money to move. so i put an ad on craigslist. last nite. got over 20 inquiries in bout 2 hrs. small bidding war. and its gone and we gotz a few extra benjamins in our hot little hands!!! woohoo!

so i went grocery shoppen. how sad is it that porkchops and stuffing feel like a major splurge? :-P anyway, im maken Tedibear shake and bake chops, stuffing and green beans tonite!! YUM!!

elephant shoes!!

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