Thursday, March 10, 2011

365 in 2011 ~ 3/10

so, last check in was 78 things made.... im dropping that to 77 for th moment cause i took apart one of th styrofoam balls to try a different project.

so 77 plus.....

- 8 more disco balls! found some more beads while packing and luckily i bought like 15 packages of xmas balls on clearance! now just have to figure out where we are gonna hang them in th new place!
- 5 loom knitted easter eggs. i found th pattern on line (i kno, i really need to get better at keeping track of where i find things so i can give proper credit! bad Princess!!) and they make up super quick, i made 3 while Tedibeae and i were watching a movie. ive been using th leftover yarn from th rainbow blankie so yes i do have rainbow eggs :-P

which brings th grand total to 90!! and most all my crafty stuffs is packed now so im on hiatus til we get better moved in. which is ok cause i can still feel th funk hanging around :-( just not as strong as before :-)

elephant shoes!!

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