Saturday, September 24, 2011

swaps and such

if you are here from craftster please dont think im ignoring you or that ive flaked. im having issues with my phone again and havent been able to stay online very long. (this post has taken 5 tries) i will have a ride to th library on monday to be able to properly contact everyone i need too. i am so very sorry about this!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

i have a confession......

and an epiphany

so there is a monthly bday swap going on, and since my bday is th 13th i joined. and watch ppl get claimed left, right, and sideways. but not me. so i had a moment of 'poor me, no one likes me'. then i got over my pity party and decided since i like giving pressies as much as i like getting them, my bday pressie to myself is that im going to claim as many ppl as i can and not worry bout whether or not i get claimed at all. ive made my first claim already, got to do some shopping and get it in th mail by th 19th.

elephant shoes!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

kinda updating....kinda updating....

so i kno i promised a list of movies watched and items created, but my schedule has been so wonky it wasnt lining up properly. plus everything im making right now is for swaps and i dont want to ruin th suprise for my partners. so ive watched lots of movies (and discovered Dexter on dvd!) and gotten quite a few projects done. 8 of th 13 for one swap, and 4 on th other swap. plus a few things for me too, and ive tried a few new techniques, some that worked, some that had to be tweaked :-D

so im busy creating! once th swaps are finished i will be able to update my 365 in 2011 list, its gonna make a huge jump!

elephant shoes!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

kinda catch up

oh goodness its been a minute since my last post huh?

got Tedibear off to her training, finally! and shes a natural according to her trainer! im so proud of her!! and there is even talk of letting her out of training early, cause shes that damn good!!! :-D thats rite, my baby is th shit!!

me, im creating away for my swap partners and watchen movies and tv shows. ive completely fallen in love with weeds and dexter! omg they are both great shows!!

ive started keeping track of what i watch and what i make while watching, will start posting that later today or tomorow

til then, elephant shoes!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

i was dreaming and woke up right before th climax, dont u hate when that happens??

so i was at a convention center type building, or maybe more like a large craft mall cause it had lots of different areas set up. i had wondered in and th guy in charge said he was closing up but if i hurried i could have anything i could carry out for free. so i had called Tedibear to meet me at th door and im crawling over furniture and on chairs and all kinds of crazy things, finding th coolest stuff. and i get it all piled into various boxes and bags and balanced just right to walk out th door and boom im awake. it was so weird!! here is th list of stuffs i found

-really cool fake arms to use as coat hangers, 1 that was human claw like and 1 that was bird like
-scrabble (with extra tiles), skip-bo, and an old monopoly
-matrastroka doll cookie jar done in just blk/white
-big drink pitchers
-a butt-ton of costume jewelry
-a few pretty bags
-lots of interesting glass ware
-cool vintage spooky halloween stuffs

i kno why a most things are on that list, cause i have been lusting after them for some time. hopefully this dream comes true soon!!!

gonna try and get back to sleep......

elephant shoes!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

happy happy joy joy

new swap time again!! :-D this one is a countdown to halloween. so we make our partner 13 things (or buy, but most have to be made) for halloween. [giddy giggle] my partner and i have alot in common so its great that my widdle head is spinning with ideas! ive already started on a few things, and i was telling Tedibear bout some other ideas and shes making me make extras of some of them so we get to keep some! lol! im not complaining cause that means shes gonna let me have more monies to spend! bwahahahaha! more halloween stuffs in th house? yes please!!

of course i have to keep reminding myself that we are only supposed to make a small item for each day, thats like under $10 or 1 hr crafting time. but like i told my partner, it takes me less than an hr to make a skirt (which is considered a large item) so its ok that im spoiling her!! lol!!

this is th mini one, next yr i wanna go for th big one. that one you make 91 things (13 for th 1st day, 12 th 2nd etc)!!!!!!! i could have so much fun with that!!!!

so whats your fav part of halloween? got any crafts for me to try? feel free to leave a comment with any and all suggestions!!!! esp if they are on the dark and sinister side!! ;-P

elephant shoes!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

wow, sorry if that makes me sound greedy, im really not!! promise! ask tedibear, i will put something for me in th basket, and then find something i would like to get her, so i take mine out. if she sees me do this she will normally go behind me and try and put it back in th basket, so then we argue bout how i never let her buy me things, which is totally not true!! look back over my posts, how often do i mention how spoilt i am?? yeah. exactly! she gets me stuff ALL TH TIME!!

anyway, th point of this post is what can i offer my partners in wxchange for the detailed list i provided.......
i can.....
loom knit (cant 2 needle knit to save my life!! )
make jewellery
play with polymer clay
make/decorate hats- both full size and minis
im getting much better at embroidery! i may even add a new stitch soon!
plus i dabble, i love trying new things. i dont always like it and may now try it again, but i try it at least once a day!!

and im totally open to private swaps! so drop me a line if your interested.

you kno th drill, more added as i think bout it,

elephant shoes!!!