Friday, August 5, 2011

i was dreaming and woke up right before th climax, dont u hate when that happens??

so i was at a convention center type building, or maybe more like a large craft mall cause it had lots of different areas set up. i had wondered in and th guy in charge said he was closing up but if i hurried i could have anything i could carry out for free. so i had called Tedibear to meet me at th door and im crawling over furniture and on chairs and all kinds of crazy things, finding th coolest stuff. and i get it all piled into various boxes and bags and balanced just right to walk out th door and boom im awake. it was so weird!! here is th list of stuffs i found

-really cool fake arms to use as coat hangers, 1 that was human claw like and 1 that was bird like
-scrabble (with extra tiles), skip-bo, and an old monopoly
-matrastroka doll cookie jar done in just blk/white
-big drink pitchers
-a butt-ton of costume jewelry
-a few pretty bags
-lots of interesting glass ware
-cool vintage spooky halloween stuffs

i kno why a most things are on that list, cause i have been lusting after them for some time. hopefully this dream comes true soon!!!

gonna try and get back to sleep......

elephant shoes!!!

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