Tuesday, July 26, 2011

wow, sorry if that makes me sound greedy, im really not!! promise! ask tedibear, i will put something for me in th basket, and then find something i would like to get her, so i take mine out. if she sees me do this she will normally go behind me and try and put it back in th basket, so then we argue bout how i never let her buy me things, which is totally not true!! look back over my posts, how often do i mention how spoilt i am?? yeah. exactly! she gets me stuff ALL TH TIME!!

anyway, th point of this post is what can i offer my partners in wxchange for the detailed list i provided.......
i can.....
loom knit (cant 2 needle knit to save my life!! )
make jewellery
play with polymer clay
make/decorate hats- both full size and minis
im getting much better at embroidery! i may even add a new stitch soon!
plus i dabble, i love trying new things. i dont always like it and may now try it again, but i try it at least once a day!!

and im totally open to private swaps! so drop me a line if your interested.

you kno th drill, more added as i think bout it,

elephant shoes!!!

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