Sunday, July 3, 2011

im so mad at myself!!!im so mad at myself!!!

so i had joined a swap right? th mail date was th 2nd, at first i was afraid that i was gonna be late cause rents due and i didnt have extra to mail it, but then i worked things out so i could.

and then i didnt make it to th po on time!!! damnit!

and, as if things couldnt be worse, its the holiday weedend so i wont be able to mail til tuesday, and i cant remember my crafster password and cant seem to change it on my phone so i cant even log in to let my partner and the coordinator know what happened. so im going to get bad feedback on my very first swap! im so mad at myself it isnt funny!!

hopefully they will check here and see whats going on. i wont be able to get to a real computer til tuesday either. but i SWEAR it is going out on tuesday! please forgive me!!!

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