Wednesday, June 29, 2011

big suprise huh?? lol its just easier to deal with if i get it off my chest. and this way it doesnt start any fights.

2 things have happened this week that bring this up, one made me laugh and gave me th perfect chance to be my snobbish, snarky(i love that word), insulting self, and one makes me want to cry and then commit murder. seriously.

so heres my thoughts on this. family. you start with th one you're born into, but as you grow and develop your own ideas and personality you realize that sometimes th only thing you have in common with those ppl is dna. so some ppl evolve and figure out how to say 'i love my (blood)family but thats not th best enviroment for me anymore'. and they go on to form a new family, either by entering a commited relationship, or by surrounding themselves with likeminded ppl(a chosen family) and both of those options are ok. th problem comes when th blood family cant handle this idea and still expects unswerving loyality. how unrealistic is that?? once you are married your loyality transfers to your spouse and progeny before parents and siblings..... to a certain extent, if your spouse is demanding you cut all ties with your blood family (when you had a very close bond) and is extremely disrespectful to your parents/siblings then something is VERY WRONG and you need to take a step back and ask yourself some very hard questions.

oh and if you are married to someone that has slept with BOTH of your siblings, and your uncle is now your stepdaddy... you got no right in th world trying to talk shit bout someone that has been with th same partner almost 10 yrs! go away little troll and take your skank troll whores with you, no one is impressed no scared by you!!!

elephant shoes!!

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