Saturday, June 11, 2011

peeving me off

slight pet peeves today

blog wise
- bloggers that demand you follow them and comment or else they have hissy fits and threaten to close down their blog....... really? put on your big girl panties and deal with it. some ppl just dont like leaving comments, esp when you beg for them in every post.

- joining every single link party you come accross and updating every post with said party link........ dont get me wrong, link parties are great, i just dont want to see the same post come up in my rss every day (sometimes multiple times a day) and the post gets longer and longer, i even saw one that the list of places she linked to was longer than th actual post!! come on. ive seen a few blogs that have a seperate page that they list the parties they regulary link too so that the actual post isnt taken over by party links, try that please.

everyday life
- girls that think 'skintight' means sexy, no matter what size they wear....... come on girls, once you are a certain size, skintight just doesnt work anymore, and that is a different size for everyone. form fitting will probably work alot better for you, i kno it will look better!

-ppl that cant match patterns........ just ask for help. please.

well i feel better getting that off my cheast........ ignore me, im just being bitchy today :-P

elephant shoes!!!


  1. thanks! thats kinda what i was hoping for, i didnt want to offend anyone really, it was mainly for fun. well except for th skintight clothing issue, we had a saying in th 80's 'spandex is a privilege, not a right!' lol, maybe thats something from then that SHOULD make a comeback! lol!