Tuesday, June 21, 2011

crazy bus day

so first on th bus today we had the lady that was talking (i guess to herself cause no one around her was paying attention to her) about how evil th goverment was and 'they'were out to get her. 'they' attacked her cat, costing her '$1300 to put it back together'. and its 'too late for her but she just got a $20,000(?!?) tax refund that she is going to use to help protect others from our evil goverment'

then there was th older gentleman that was hitting on every female he saw. he was cute but harmless ;-P

and then there was th crazy cat lady. would tell anyone that looked at her how many cats she has (4), and that they had to have litter today (thats th only reason she went out today!)

hope u enjoyed my day on th bus!!

elephant shoes!!!

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