Thursday, June 23, 2011

blog whoring.......

i saw this mentioned on another blog and it made me giggle. im kinda a blog whore in that i will follow anyone that makes me giggle, either through gfc or rss (im suprised my phone hasnt melted from how many r in my rss!! lol) BUT.................

i dont leave comments. there i said it. i am th follower most bloggers hate cause i dont kiss up on every post i read. and im not really sorry and that wont change ever. i dont want to be a sycopant (im sure thats misspelled, sorry) that has nothing better to say than 'lol' or 'i agree'. if i leave a comment its cause that post touched me and i want to let the writer kno it (or its for a giveaway ;-P)

so these bloggers that beg or even demand that you leave comments, or even worse the ones that demand you follow them (just to stroke their ego so they can brag about how many followers they have) really turn me off. and if the requests for comments gets to be too much i have been known to unfollow them. oh and if you threaten to shut down your blog cause no one comments then not only will i unfollow u, i will make fun of u on my blog (without using names of course, im not a complete bitch), and i will laugh even harder when you set ur blog to 'invite only'. whiner!

whew, so anyway, i guess what im trying to say is get over urselves! its a blog for crying out loud! i have 2 followers, and im ok with that! even when i did a giveaway i didnt demand anyone follow me, just put a comment. i can see th pageview stats so i kno someone out there is reading my drivel (and its not just Tedibear :-P) and thats all i need.

off my soapbox now.

elephant shoes!!

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