Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Harold Hoopla is mostly done!!

so after admiring th awesome hooplas on crafster i decided to pick up another craft to try my hand at. its not as amazing as some ive seen, but for my first attempt im pretty damn proud of it!!

i used an iron-on for th design, its all done in stem and backstitch. i need to get a hoop big enough for it, plus i need some black floss to finish it, but its mostly done :-D

i suck cause i cant copy and paste th photobucket url, im cant even get th url with th app i use for net access, but i have just put a pic on photobucket, my username there is rainbowsewist. as soon as i can get to a real computer i will post a link. im sorry i suck ;-P

elephant shoes!!!

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