Friday, July 22, 2011

swap info part tres

wishlist -
yarn yarn and more yarn - you can never have enough!! i would love some hand spun yarn, esp some wool that i can use to make dryer balls!, cotton is great, as is acrylic
charm bracelets
hooplas - based on any of my fav's, im planning on doing some with naughty words, quotes from my fav movies and tv shows are always a good bet too
hoopla supplies - hoops (both wooden and plastic, all sizes), floss (can you believe i only have red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, white and glow in th dark??)
starter/info kits for - spinning yarn (this is th one i want most right now! im heavy in research/saving for all th equipment mode right now) - resin jewellery - making lipbalm - poppets - weaving
fabric (at least 4 yds of knits so i can get 2 items out of it, or 1 yd pieces so i can make socks. but 4 or 6 in squares for my rainbow patchwork projects are prob easier, but larger scraps are awesome as well, esp chiffon or lace or velvet that can be used on hats)
notions - for sewing. like thread, elastic, any cool tools, buttons, patterns (plus sized if for clothing)
, insulbrite for potholders
hats (i currently have 10 fedoras, 1 st patties themed cowboy hat, 2 newsboys and 3 mini top hats...... so far), i'd love to add bowlers and witch hats and more minis/facinators (any style, with th aligator clips not elastic since ive got th hawk) to my collection
whimsey jars (so much fun going thru them! and then adding stuffs to my hats or other projects)
poppets (i really want a fairy and a cornish pixie or 2 [or 3] and then im gonna keep them in a birdcage!! lol)
sugar skulls - anything day of the dead really
scrabble tiles and dominos
purse/bag/tote - i'd love a weekender type bag (esp in an elephant print), or a messenger bag with lots of pockets

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