Friday, July 22, 2011

ok so ive been bitten by th swap bug! and i notice a few ppl that also have blogs gave set aside a post to give their partners more info, so im gonna do th same!

i'll start with an intro, Hi, im th princess, th bitch no one likes. im rude crude and socially unacceptable. i cuss, i smoke, i drink and i have been known to make sailors blush. i am a bad influence and im th person your mother forgot to warn you about!

teehee, that pretty much is me. if auntie mame, tank girl, scarlet ohara and drop dead fred had a love child.... it would be me. im an interesting mix of opposites and freaky rolled into one. its almost impossible to offend me, and i have yet to see a horror film that scares me.

themes i like - vampire, pink, goth, rainbows, zombies, butterflies, ELEPHANTS, sewing, crocheting, perky goth, lgbt pride, hats, movies, dia de los muertos, halloween (macbre meets cute with glitter!), skulls, pirate, geeky, nerdy, steampunky, horror movies, tedibears, tattoos, piercings, historical fashions, dogs, chutulu (wutever i always spell it wrong! lol), pagan (im rebuilding my tools and library that was stolen), Gorey (th artist), gory (like blood and guts everywhere! ;-P), food/baking (i enjoy cooking, but its a secret so dont tell!),

fave colors - glitter, rainbow (roygbp), pink, black, grey, silver, glow in th dark.

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