Friday, July 22, 2011

so im limited to 1837 characters on my phone, so this will be multiple posts til i can get to th library and/or get internet at th house.....

im engaged to th most awesome woman (wedding date to be determined by when rx stops being stupid. we arent holding our breath). we live in the west dfw area with our 2 furbabies, one a chihuahua/rat terrier (small), the other a mutt (large),who are completely and utterly spoiled! so am i for that matter! yes sir-ree bob i am one lucky spoiled princess! its ok to be jealous, im used to it ;-P so i try to take just as good care of my Tedibear as she does of me! i do have 2 (well 3 now) kids, Th Boy and his wife Th DIL (who are giving me my first granbaby in oct/nov!!!), and Th Child who lives with his grandparents. then there is our extended chosen family of many great friends that we miss horribly when they arent around.

fav movies - auntie mame, tank girl, gone with the wind, drop dead fred, princess bride, labrynith, willow, spirited away, harry potter series, anything kevin smith, horror (even cheesy b-movies), serial killer plots, shrek series, ice age series, the quiet man (my poppa looked like john wayne!), house of yes, may, shaun of the dead, i hope they serve beer in hell, but im a cheerleader, slap her she's french, imagine me & you, better than chocolate, anything mel brooks, burlesque, meat market, cry baby,

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