Thursday, March 10, 2011

giving up......

ha ha! had you for a min huh? no worries, im talking bout Lenten Season. now we all kno im not xtian, so i dont really observe Lent, but Th Boy and i are challenging each other. i feel (as is only natural as his mother ;-P) that he spends too much time on th playstation, so i (half)jokingly said he should give up th ps2 for lent. he came back with 'you should give up cigs or facebook or something else you need to live'! well since its not safe for others if i give up smoking (i kill a lot less ppl if i canntake a smoke break and calm down!! lol) i agreed to give up facebook. and since neither one of us are xtian or masochists we decided 10 days was a fair amount of time. so i turned off my txt notifications and hid my icon on my phone, and then took th controller for th ps2 at midnite last nite. so no more fb for me til next saturday at midnite. its ok tho, im pretty sure he will crack before i do!! lol!

elephant shoes!!

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