Wednesday, April 20, 2011

crafty utopia ~ 365 in 2011 4/20

well i only got 30 mins to shop at hobby lobby on monday, but i actually managed to get most of th stuff i wanted!! it helped that Tedibear and th Mime went and got stuff off th list while i was getting some fabric cut! lol!!

so i was up to 106 things made....
- got 12 round bean bags mostly made, still have to hand sew 8 of them closed, but 4 are totally done!
- 2 mod pauged candle holders - layers of 1in tissue paper circles
- a crocheted washcloth for Tedibear and a handtowel sized one for me from leftover cotton yarn
- and started on th green rhinestone fedora, im counting it cause im almost done with it :-P

so that takes th grand total up to....... drum roll please.......... 123 things!!! woohoo!! go me!!

back to crafting!

elephant shoes!!!

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