Saturday, April 23, 2011

well that didnt work....

yeah i said i was gonna post everyday, and didnt. :-P i suck i kno. this is one of th reasons i dont do new years resolutions, i always have th best intentions (they make such great paving material!).... follow thru? not so much. actually thats not true, that should be timely follow thru, cause i do get things done, it just takes me a bit sometimes. procrastinators of th world unite!! ...... tomorrow! ;-P

ive been kinda productive this week tho, got th items from my last post done, prepped 50 new fridge magnets, tried my hand at granny daughter squares (fun for scraps, prob gonna try for a blankie out of these), got th supplies for a few more projects on my list, got to hang with th Mime and touch base with old friends. oh and got 2 orders for discoball hats!! woohoo!!

back to work

elephant shoes!

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