Wednesday, February 9, 2011

fingers crossed

so, we have wanted to get out of this rinky-dink, podunk, homophobic, uptight, horrible town ever since we moved here. 2 yrs ago. really. but things always got in th way, we had shitty jobs so couldnt afford to save money, we couldnt find anything in our price range that met our requirements (we have 2 fur-babies) etc, etc, blah blah blah. BUT om a firm believer in listening to th universe, so if probs came up then it wasnt th right time.

it looks like it might finally be th right time!! some close friends (my 'sister' and his boyfriend) just moved into an apt in Ft Worth, its gay friendly, pet friendly, on th bus line, close to everywhere we want to be, and they are offering first month free rent!! we are going to check it out on saturday when Tedibear is off.

we have been dealing with so much lately, and im not saying this move would fix all those issues, but it would help ease th stress from them ALOT!! and it sounds like th universe is saying 'its time'. im not looking forward to having to go back to work tho, ive gotten spoiled by getting to stay home, but th extra monies would be nice to spoil th family with!! ;-P

so cross everything you can cross that things continue to go so smoothly for us please.

elephant shoes!

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