Tuesday, February 15, 2011

v-day craziness

ok so im going to admit right here and now, i dont get th hype over vday. just like my beef with xmas, why is there only ONE day a year that you're supposed to go all out showing your someone special how much you love them?? its so much more fun to spoil those special ppl love year round. for example, Teddibear brings me flowers at least twice a month, no they arent roses, but then i dont really like roses so she brings me wild flowers, or my new favorite - tulips!! and i make her stuff all th time to show her i love her, seriously, our bedroom is like a shrine to love, its almost sickening how sweet it is!! lol. and if you dont have a sweetie, then spread th love to your friends! or learn to make fake ( duct tape, fabric, paper, etc) flowers and take them to a nursing home, or make blankets or scarves to donate to th homless.

so my point is, make EVERYDAY vday. life is way too short to not share th love in your heart!!

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