Thursday, February 17, 2011

trains, and snakes and turkeys oh my!

so Tedibear suprised me with a photo shoot today. a friend of ours is an amateur photographer and she took us out to finally take some 'couple' pics. we have plenty of pics of us together but none that are 'arty'. i REALLY wish i could post pics on here cause i finally had some pictures taken of me that i like!! of course, being our lives, there was some excitement, first when we were at th train tracks, a train came by, loud and close! then we went to this beautiful cemetery we know of and as Y was going to th next spot she wanted to photograph us she almost stepped on a copperhead! it struck at her and at Tedibear both! THEN, as we were leaving th cemetery, a gang of turkeys (they even had tiny turkey switchblades!!! :-P) tried to run us off th road!! i was afraid for my life! lol!

we survived tho. and had a great time. and like i said, i really like some of th pics of me she took. now we just need to go have them printed up, ive got some cute frames ive been saving, and th new place has a great wall for our new pics.

and maybe my mom will finally take th pic of my ex off her fridge. of course that would mean she has to accept me as a lesbian so im not holding my breath.

elephant shoes!!

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