Tuesday, May 10, 2011

way past update time!!

oh goodness i could have sworn i updated before now!! last count was 123.......

-12 felted dryer balls
- 75 fridge magnets (i even gave some away!)
-15 grannys daughter squares (but i think im doing them wrong, gotta check on that)
- a small needlepunch sampler (got th wrong kind of fabric tho, gotta fix that soon)
-3 pieces for th start of my hoopla wall (they are iron on designs that i painted with fabric paint and rhinestones)
-25 pebble magnets
- 2 more decopauged candle holders

and a few more things prepped ;-P im really proud of myself, ive been a busy lil beaver!!! this brings my grand total to................256!!!!! i think i will probably way excede my goal for the year!! woohoo! go me!! lol

elephant shoes!!

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