Thursday, May 26, 2011

5-25-11 update

ok last count was 256.......

- 2 plaid candle holders for a gift
- 85 grannys daughter squares!! (lots of time on th bus ;-P)
- 1 pair of 'spankie'-ish shorts to wear under skirts (took apart a pair that was dying to make th pattern, adapted it a smidge to have longer legs)
- 1 pair of pants based off another pair i had, that was a fail tho. used a woven instead of a knit and they were too small. luckily i can reuse th fab!!
- 2 tops cut out (need white thread for th serger before i can sew those up)
- 1 49square patchwork pillow, another gift

oh my goodness, that puts me at 349!!! i am almost there!!! so very close!!

elephant shoes!!

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