Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Altered plans

Well that was a bust!

Right after Teddibear got to work she came home :-(. She had a spot on her leg that was hurting her pretty bad. I was afraid it was a bite of some sort so i made her go to th er ( i must admit, secretly i was hoping it was spider babies, you kno th urban legend thing?) Turns out shes a nasry dirty skank whore that needs to shower more and stop sharing needles!! not really, it was just a staph infection, dr said it was prob caused by a simple ingrown hair, stupid huh? so he had to cut it open and drain it. (no spider babies :-C) my morbid self was watching, im so glad he shot her leg full of lidocane!! i luff my big butch hers-band to death but she can be a big whiney baby when it comes to pain (you kno its true baby! dont be mad!!) as per usual we were at th er for 5 hrs for something that took 10 (if even that long!) then we had th drive home and th trip to hell-mart to get her meds, then waited for th roomie to get home. i was a tizred lil princess!! mind you, i was going on only th 2hr nap i had gotten, so i went right to bed and fell asleep, but of course i woke up at 5 and cant get back to sleep. and of course i didnt get to do th discoball-ification of th living room. maybe tomorow.

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