Monday, January 10, 2011

365 in 2011

so in my nightly bloggy wanderings i have seen quite a few ppl taking up th 365 in 2011 challenge. and i figure, why not me? i plan on having a booth at pride this year so that will help me reach that goal, but it will also challenge me to try and make something every day. im going to start counting from jan 1st so my total so far is:

- 4 bottle cap magnet words
- 1 knitted hat for Tedibear
- 19 beaded disco balls

for a grand total of 24 things made in 10 days!! im pretty darn proud of myself!!

blog surfing has given me more than a few ideas of things i want to try so im sure i wont have any problem reaching my goal of 365 (well 341 now right? lol)

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