Saturday, January 8, 2011

wow, really?

so we got a bomb dropped on us 2 nights ago. th roomie came home from work and told us that he was moving out. we had no idea he was even looking to move out. it seems that he hasnt been happy here for a while cause i constantly degrade him for being an idiot (it should be noted that me saying 'dude, you are NOT an idiot so you should stop acting like one' is what he considers me degrading him). so he then started a fight that ended with him saying 'youre lucky im giving you 2 weeks notice' which of course pissed me off and so i told him to be out that night, but then agreed to the next day (yesterday). so he was gone by noon. its been hard on Tedibear cause she is a very loving person and gets very attached, esp to ppl that live with her. dont get me wrong, i loved him too, but im more hardened to things like this so its easier for me to deal with. but i am hurt. and disappointed, this is a smart man in his 30's that is choosing to move in with 2 kids (one is 21, one is only 19) that are still in th party mentality and i kno it is going to end badly (th 19 yr old is a former roommate that chose to move out cause she would rather spend $400 on a tattoo than spend $100 on her rent) but then maybe im giving him too much credit, he has done this (move out with no notice and started major fights) 4 times in the past, in fact he did it to th ppl he was living with right before he moved in with us, maybe im wrong in thinking he is a caring person, his track record kinda shows him to be nothing more than a user that will use ppl til they get tired of his idiot act and then he starts a fight and moves out. then he can go around saying how mean those ppl were to him and used him etc, etc, etc. which is exactly what he is doing now. yeap, im a mean horrible bitch that was so mean to him, and we were using him.

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